To all you youngsters out there, I have a message for you: enjoy it while it lasts.

Because sooner than later, you’re gonna hit the big 3-0 and you’re not going to be out partying all the time and when you do go out, the next day is gonna HURT.

So keep that in mind, okay?

And now let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think 30 is too old for.

Start now!

1. Really stupid.

“Getting into a physical fight over words.

That ends as soon as you graduate high school.

Once you’re no longer a student, it goes from “physical altercation” to “aggravated a**ault”.”

2. Bad idea.

“Binge drinking.

I mean, I still love it, but the pain is much worse and lasts longer.”

3. Don’t care.

“Not caring.

I now understand why old men in locker rooms can walk around naked.

The older you get the less f**ks you give.”

4. Own it.

“Not taking personal responsibility for your mental health or bad habits.

Including living in denial about how toxic you are.”

5. Hell no.

“A pick-up game of tackle football with no pads or helmets.

My friends and I quietly but unanimously switched to 2-hand touch at some point in our mid to late 20s.”

6. Nope.

“Arguing with people online.

Whenever I start to type an angry reply, I stop, realize how dumb it is, and then delete the message.”

7. Agreed.

“Sleeping on a cheap mattress.

I spent 1,500 on a good mattress and my back pain, my rest and my overall comfort has improved immeasurably.”

8. Gotta start early.

“Not saving for retirement.

I didn’t start until 27 because I was in grad school until then. But I started late. I have so many young scientists that I encourage to use the 401k and they say they don’t earn enough or they are too young etc. when I explain the benefits and how it works they often thank me and sign up.

Especially when there’s a company match.”

9. Done with that.

“Helping friends move.

I’m not throwing out my back for some pizza and a couple of Bud Lights.

Hire some movers.”

10. Be careful.


When I was 20, I was made of rubber bands and magic.

If I fall now, it’s just pain and embarrassment.”

11. The master list.

“Pull an all nighter.

Eat an entire pizza in one sitting.

Hang posters on your wall without frames.

Get ear pierced.

Do laundry at Mum’s house.

Crash on a friend’s futon instead of getting a hotel room.

Put off going to the doctor.

Drinking shots with strangers.

Leave an annoying two-person message on your answering machine.

Help someone move out of a six-floor walk up in exchange for pizza and beer.

Dye your hair a funny color.

Go to a rave.

Beer bong.

12. A different view.

“Literally nothing.

My father got his high school diploma in his 50s.

Plenty of people go to college in their 30s.

I had my first girlfriend in my late 20s.

Many people who started big companies started in their 40s.

30 is young

Hell, 40 is still young.”

Now it’s your turn.

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