Maybe it’s not socially acceptable, but it sure seems like it is and it drives me INSANE.

I’m talking about when people listen to music or have conversations on their phones WITHOUT HEADPHONES.

So rude!

But it seems like you can’t escape it…

What do you think is socially acceptable but shouldn’t be?

Here’s what AskReddit users say.

1. Ridiculous.

“Playing loud music on your phone while out.

Put some headphones on.”

2. Just imagine…

“Charging more for healthy food options than unhealthy options.

I know it’s just the way the market has developed, but there are so many healthy food items that cost more or the same price as a “mega burger” or whatever.

Imagine the obesity rate if it was cheaper to get something healthy and filling.”

3. DUMB.

“Drinking to the point of blacking out or “not remembering” the night.”

I’ve had to completely separate myself from people and entire friend groups who make “blacking out” an excuse to do literally anything…

Have fun but don’t let it ruin your life.”

4. Scary.

“Elderly people still driving.

My 90 year old grandma is still driving to the store daily and I wouldn’t trust her to drive a walking frame 6-feet across her living room, let alone a machine capable of going 100 mph.”

5. Trashy.

“The entirety of paparazzi.

They gotta be one of the nosiest people out there and I feel bad for a lot of celebrities out there who just wanna live their lives.”

6. Good point.

“School systems and their ‘one size fits all’ education programs.

If they actually cared about properly educating the next generation they would make school less like an assembly line of burnt out gifted kids who come out of high school believing that their self worth is determined by a grade and that they’re only as good as their test scores.

If the school systems really want what’s best for teens then they should be able to offer better assistance to those who are less proficient in subjects like science or math and better in literature or art courses. Help the students instead of making them feel stupid for needing it.”

7. Way too personal.

“Asking women to discuss their plans for motherhood.

It is an incredibly personal topic and I’ve never understood why society seems to believe it is anyone else’s business.”

8. Yup.

“Identifying with political parties.

No one should make decisions because they identify with a candidate instead of very specific policies.”

9. Crying wolf.

“Faking some types of invisible disability is still socially acceptable.

Which causes a ‘crying wolf’ effect that makes it harder for the people who actually have invisible disabilities to be believed.”

10. Pretty weird.

“The fact that companies expect you to socially drink whether it be at happy hour or schmoozing a client yet instantly fire you for smoking cannabis is beyond me.

Cliff notes: booze good, plant bad.”

11. A hot topic.

“”Body positivity” for obese people being a bit chunky and having love handles is completely fine, but when you are morbidly obese it becomes a severe health problem and steps should be made to help them become healthier.

Not saying they have to be a body builder or a swimsuit model but at least have the ability to walk around a supermarket unaided and enforcing the idea that that person doesn’t have to change is what will k**l them, you wouldn’t encourage an al**holic to fall off the wagon so why is this any diffrent.”

12. Be kind.

“Being generally inconsiderate.

Far too many people seem to think it’s fine to look after Number One at all times.

By all means, make it a priority, but other people do exist too.”

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