Wow…that’s a tough question…

The absolute worst human invention in history?

The possibilities are endless!

But today we’re going to hear what AskReddit users think about this.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Terrible.


As a vet that had to walk through areas the enemy had left mines behind in, I agree. Kids would play in areas mines were buried.

They got used to spotting them. No child should ever have to get used to spotting a landmine.”

2. Think about it.

“Chemical Warfare

While nukes are horrible beyond imagination, humanity learned to avoid them as a way to ensure their own survival, it’s wise, but egoistical nonetheless.

Chemical weapons on the other hand traumatized the f**k out of the survirvors and the ones who called the attacks and got to see the aftermath. They were so horrible that many soldiers deserted after using it and many went mad. I wish never having to see the skin melting off in the face of a barely alive toddler.

Throughout the last century we successfully banned almost all of those – the 1925 geneva protocol, the 1980 chemical weapons convention, among others, but I’m afraid when the next generations start to forget the horrors of chemical warfare, it will resurface in the likes of whats happening with fascism.”

3. Should never have happened.

“Single use plastic.

They should have never been introduced and should have never became normal.”

4. Here you go.


Legal entities in that they can own property.


Fines of millions of dollars have little effect when their profits are in the billions.

Able to shift their revenues from nation to nation to avoid paying taxes.

Zero ethics…if you won’t evict Grandma, then we’ll fire you and put someone in your chair that will.

Able to donate a pittance of their profits to politicians who now reside in their pockets, and legislate to serve the corps and not the people.

Anyone who defies a corporation will be ground to dust by their legal team.”

5. Preach!

“The for-profit healthcare system.

There is no reason people should suffer a financial burden seeking the right to live a healthy life.”

6. People seem to like it…


Are you a housewife or someone who’s last physical endeavor was middle school rec soccer? Do you have zero experience doing Olympic lifts? Do you have good health insurance?

If you answered yes to the above questions then CrossFit is for you. Come to our old warehouse and pay us $200 a month, and our group of failed personal trainers will let you perform complex lifts with zero form coaching in a timed race against other total amateurs. Get your Instagram posts ready and wave goodbye to your spinal integrity.

CrossFit…keeping chiropractors in business since 2010.”

7. Suffering.

“Distilled Al**hol.

I’m trying to think of a substance that has, overall, been the cause or tool of more human suffering, animal suffering, plant suffering, more accidents, injuries and d**ths, more early graves, more divorces..

I just can’t really think of any single ‘thing’ but the distillery.”

8. Ouch.


Jack Dorsey once said the retweet button was his one of his biggest regrets, along with Twitter becoming a company at all.”

9. Let’s save ourselves.


Should be the first thing we kill to save the planet and our minds.

All forms of advertisement are shit and burning energy for nothing of value.”

10. Caused a lot of harm.


I see the positive side of it, but think about how many wars, discrimination etc it caused.”

11. On the road.


They k**l 40,000 people in the US every year,

They are the reason most cities here are unwalkable, which is a huge factor leading to obesity and heart disease (so add many more thousands to the death toll indirectly),

They are the least efficient, least safe, most expensive way for people to commute,

They chew through fossil fuels and other valuable resources in droves,

They raise the price of engaging with society by thousands of dollars between the initial cost, fuel costs and repair costs,

And they turn otherwise reasonable people into raging, belligerent a**holes.”

12. Staggering.

“The Keurig.

It makes mediocre coffee and the amount of plastic waste from k-cup pods is staggering.”

What do you think is the worst human invention of all time?

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