Have you been to the grocery store lately?


It’s rough out there!

Because things are really expensive right now…and some things are way too overpriced, regardless of inflation.

Let’s see what AskReddit users think is way too overpriced.

1. Awful.

“Human pharmaceuticals.

My dog needed a chelation medication that my vet specifically said was on the pricy side but recommended a pharmacy that she worked with. I called with prescription in hand, and they quoted $3,000+ for a month’s supply.

Then the rep stated they accidentally read the cost for humans. Dog cost was actually $60. Same dosage, same pill count, but adding chicken flavor and putting a little dog on the label dropped the price 98%.”

2. Expensive.

“I lost my baby brother on 8/21 and my granny on 8/27.

I had to pay for 2 funerals in 6 days this year. Literally about k**led me financially, considering I was paying for cancer treatment for myself as well. My brother’s funeral was nearly 17k and my family helped with granny’s but that was still another 10k I paid and my family paid the rest.

That’s not including the headstones, food, venues for the luncheon after the services. That added another 10k. I was out nearly 40k in 6 days.”

3. Crazy.

“Have you seen the price of lettuce in Canada?

In a small town in Saskatchewan just last week one bunch of cauliflower was $21.”

4. Out of control.

“Housing in general.

If your neighborhood is awful, it’s still expensive.

If it’s nice, it’s incredibly expensive.”

5. Yes.

“Feminine sanitary products. Or just products targeted towards women in general.

Especially in the US, I never realised how much women there were paying for pads until I visited family there.

Might as well use dollar bills as pads at this stage.”

6. The basics.

“Everything we need to live a decent life




Tampons, pads, toiletries


A place to live.”

7. Screwed.

“My epipen.

Kinda can’t really afford to keep getting them.

I’ll be screwed if I get stung up and I’m a landscaper.”

8. Definitely.

“Cable TV and internet.

Still waiting for the new cCmcast router I’ve been told i’m getting on three different occasions.”

9. Dollar signs.

“Dentistry in North America.

Seems like most other countries understand having decent teeth is a human right, North America just sees dollar signs.”

10. Think about the kids…

“Food for children.

Chicken nuggets, kid snacks, baby food, formula. And the portions are getting smaller.

Diapers too.”

11. Can’t they do something?

“Prescription drugs in the US.

It’s absolutely immoral that US politicians don’t do something to keep sick people from getting totally screwed.”

12. Insane.

“I’m a chef.

Lots of restaurants aren’t serving lettuce at the moment. Even burger joints are charging extra.

Shredded lettuce in 2021: $3.50 per bag Now: $21.”

What do you think is really overpriced?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks a lot!