To quote the great band Operation Ivy, “if that’s what they call normal, then I’d rather be insane.”

I’ve always loved that line because it’s so true!

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about what normal things they think are completely ridiculous.

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1. Fed up.


I’m fed up and tired of having it.”

2. Criminal.

“The price of insulin in the USA.

Mostly everywhere else it’s either free, on an affordable subscription or actually reasonably priced.’

3. It’s tough out there.

“Subscription based software.

As a digital artist this one gets me the most. I really enjoyed creating during the 2000’s on pre-paid software I could use indefinitely for as long as I liked (years, because I couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars it cost to upgrade every year) and now they want me to pay hundreds (or for one of them – over a thousand) dollars every year for the privilege of continuing to use them?

I can’t justify that, my digital art hardly made me any money when I did it. Not enough to cover the cost of a few grand in software payments every year anyway.”

4. Out of control.

“Having to clean the Airbnb top to bottom while paying a $300 cleaning fee.

Some hosts have lost their minds with this.

Mop the floors, run the laundry, mow the lawn, raise the neighbor’s children.

If there’s a “cleaning fee” I’m not doing any of that.”

5. What’s the deal?

“Taxes that aren’t included with the price.

It’s not that hard to add 23 cents to my 5.99 cheeseburger.”

6. Ugh.

“”Everything happens for a reason”.

Yeah tell that to someone who has experienced tons of traumatic things and/or is still in the midst of it.

It’s like those people who say god allows suffering because free will and they conveniently forget about the people who are experiencing truly horrific things and have throughout recorded history.

No human being with the power to stop it would be seen as moral if they sat back and watched that kind of thing happen cause “free will” but if an all powerful god does it, that god is all loving and respecting free will?

It’s such nonsense and it gets under my skin because it feels like a copout for dealing with the real and solvable problems in the world. Like yeah, there’s always going to be some suffering, that doesn’t mean conditions can’t be drastically improved for people.”

7. Life today.

“The way current society is set up compared to the way humans traditionally lived. Not saying technology and advancements aren’t amazing and necessary.

We have just created a world where we are so closed off from one another and work our lives away in soul sucking jobs.”

8. Fired up.

“Military recruitment in high schools.

You have predatory mlm style presentations given to f**king CHILDREN. Getting them all hyped up for what they could become just to destroy their bodies and mental health all because you could never convince a 25 year old that “you’ll be making 26k a year before taxes” is a good bargain.

The entire approach is completely manipulative and predatory.”

9. Predatory.

“Overdraft fees.

Banks make a ridiculous amount each year off the poorest people in the country.

I forget the figure but it made my stomach turn.”

10. Are you worthy?

“Credit scores. I hope this is just a USA thing because it’s just stupid.

A number from 1 to 850 that represents how “credit worthy” you are. Never mind I g that two people could have the exact same credit history but different credit scores. Oh and this system that governs basically everything financial in your life has only been around since the 1980s.

My favorite is how I have great credit finally but I could have BETTER credit if I was deeper in debt! That’s right, I can qualify to get deeper in debt if I go deeper in debt first! Super legit system, no bulls**t here.”

11. No escape.

“The unbearable amount of control our governments and corporations wield over us.

First world countries live in a horrid aristocratic oligarchy and third world ones live in poverty and tyranny.

There is no escape.”

12. That’s BS.

“Just got charged at a restaurant for a “livable wage fee” for the kitchen staff.

How about you just pay a livable f**king wage?”

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