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Instead, let’s laugh TOGETHER at what AskReddit users had to say about this.

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Now you got it!

“That worms don’t come onto the sidewalks when it rains because the wet concrete is irresistible to their squishy bodies. It’s because they’re drowning in the grass.

This was a few years ago, but at that time, I had a masters degree and was walking into my full time engineering job. A bunch of worms on the sidewalk outside my building and an “oh” lightbulb that clicked on in my head.”

Listening to The King.

“I first realized only a couple of years ago that Elvis sings about the “whole cell block” in Jailhouse Rock, not the “wholesale block.”

I’d imagined there being a Costco and a Petsmart and a Super Cuts and an AT&T store and maybe a Jimmy John’s and all the people shopping there were doing the Jailhouse Rock.

It took me a solid 25 years of knowing that song to clue in.”

Me, too…

“My daughter is learning to read and will spell out words she sees and ask what they are.

She did this with the store STAPLES to which I responded “Staples… hmm, like they have all the office ‘staples’ as in everything you need for an office!”

Up until that moment I literally just thought of it as staples, like that go in a stapler.”

This is hilarious.

“That you can preheat the shower before getting in.

I used to stand in the shower, turn on the water, and quickly press myself against the far wall to avoid the cold.

Only took me 20+ years (and moving in with my s/o) to figure out there was a better way.”

Now you know!

“That birds don’t live in nests.

Nests are just where they keep their eggs.

Birds sleep in trees.”

Totally lost.

“When I was 20 (I grew up in a rural area) I was terrified to drive into Minneapolis.

I knew I could take 94 E to get there, but had no idea how to find 94 W to get back home.

And the same with every major road or highway. I am dumb.”

Bottoms up!

“That there was a reason kids and teens can’t drink Long Island Iced Tea how you can any other type of tea.

My aunt ordered it anytime we went out to dinner, and as a avid tea drinker myself, I was always told it would be “too strong for my taste buds”, so I backed down and just got sweet tea.

Imagine my disbelief when I bought myself my first drink, which was that exact Long Island I had so famously and elusively vaunted about in my youth.

That stuff had me THRASHED.”

Just poppin’ in.

“In the movie Mary Poppins, the main character’s name is a play on words of the plot premise – she literally ‘pops in’ to help the family, then ‘pops out’.”

Working out.

“When they say you’re supposed to “warm up” before exercise, they don’t mean to mentally prepare or get ready… they mean physically.

Your body’s actual temperature should be higher before you start exercising.”

Does it make sense now?

“I watched That 70s Show all throughout high school and I just recently found out they were s**king weed when they were around the table.

Not sure how that one got past me maybe I was high myself…”

You bet it is!

“Prog-Rock is short for Progressive Rock.

I think it’s one of those things that I just never really thought about, until one day recently I heard someone refer to a band as a progressive rock band.

That’s when it hit me. I always heard they were a prog-rock band, I just never put much more thought into what prog meant.”

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