What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

The incident that still gives you the chills when you look back on it?

While you think about your answer to that question, check out these stories from folks on AskReddit.

Let’s get creepy!

Get the hell out of there!

“Delivering parcels to a Scientology building in the UK.

Usual receptionist wasn’t there so wandered a bit to find someone to sign for it.

Found a room full of people robotically typing into computers, all identically clothed with identical hairstyles. Not one of them even made eye-contact, let alone react to me opening the door…

Was horror-film levels of creepy.”


“When I was 12 I was sleeping on my trampoline with a friend and we heard the bushes move behind us.

We flashed our flashlight on the bushes and a mountain lion was laying there stalking us.

I have never run so fast in my life.”


“Finding my dad d**d in his recliner.

I swear I heard his voice when the coroner came for his body.”

That’s strange…

“Used to have a job inspecting bank owned foreclosed homes. I had a house in East Cleveland, OH to inspect that was a huge old mansion but completely abandoned for years and utterly trashed.

I had to inspect and photograph every room, looking for any damage. Basically the entire house was damaged, holes punched in walls, trash everywhere, mold, used needles, feces etc.

So I get to the basement which was mostly unfinished, and there is one door all the way at the other end. I swear I hear music playing. I open the door and there’s a perfectly preserved office with high end stained wood judges paneling on the walls, a plaster ceiling, and fancy old carpeting all in perfect condition.

In the center of the room is a huge old bankers style desk with a huge leather office chair behind it. On the desk is an old fashioned radio from probably the 1950s or so and it is playing some AM radio station with big band music on. There’s the radio playing and a lamp turned on in the room, and as far as I knew the house was supposed to not have power turned on.

I got this overwhelming sense that I shouldn’t be there, was sufficiently creeped out and left. To this day that whole situation just weirds me out.”

Be careful if you drink.

“I watched the light leave my buddy’s eyes.

We were at a house party that had a keg, he did a keg stand, held it for a while was actually impressive. When he came down he stabilized himself looked me d**d in my eyes and I can see them fade and go dull then he just collapsed.

I can still hear the thud his head made on the patio. Called the ambulance, and he recovered but just watching his eyes go dull and him collapsing was hard and something that still pops into my head.”

Not a pretty sight.

“About 40 years ago, I was working on a construction site that was very limited on space. We had to put our materials on top of a hill about a quarter of a mile up a dirt road.

It turns out that the hillside was a body farm. D**d bodies were laid out on the hillside under different conditions to watch the decay process for the forensic lab on the college campus.”


“My husband and I were walking in the middle of Minsk at night in the winter by the river that goes through the city and out of the sky came this V configuration of lights with no sound.

It looked like a formation of geese with headlamps on and completely silent. It got pretty low and followed the river.

Old Soviet UFO I guess.”

Like Michael Myers.

“I had a friend in college whose mother had a lot of mental health problems. She periodically did things like try to crash the car when they were all inside.

One night I was sleeping over at my friend’s house and she told me to lock the bedroom door so her mom couldn’t come in because sometimes she did that. Well, I forgot to lock the door and woke up in the middle of the night to see her mom standing there in the doorway with a knife.

It was a total Michael Myers-esque moment. She stood there staring at me, didn’t say a word, didn’t move. The knife was just in her hand, which was hanging down by her side. I stared back at her, waiting to see if she was going to do anything. She didn’t. I got bored and eventually went back to sleep.

The next morning, I was like “hey so your mom was lurking in my doorway last night with a knife for a while” and she was like “omg wtf you should have called for me.””

The nun.

“I was 13 and an avid skater. Always exploring different areas for a spot. I skated about 25 minutes to this massive Catholic school called Saint Mary’s.

Easily 100+ acres if not more with on-campus housing. I find a little tucked away corner with a curb and start messing around to see if I could get it to grind. I look up and see a nun with a pale grey face.

Unmoving in a completely pitch black room, at first, I thought she would say something or make a motion to tell me to get lost. Nope, I just stood there. Motionless, it was a warm day, but I got a chill, and it seemed like time froze.

I know it sounds cliche, spooked by a nun. But this school has existed since 1859. Who knows what has occurred in that building.”


“Saw someone who got run over by a bus.

I was walking to the train station when I noticed the bus parked on the grass. I thought… that’s odd? then when I walked passed it I noticed people a lot of people crying. Saw the body on the floor. No body parts missing or anything, but her stomach and one of her legs were pitch black.

Someone was performing compressions like his own life was depending on it, then the ambulance arrived and scratched the bumper against the sidewalk. I can still remember the sound of her friends crying while one of them said “Don’t look, don’t look, they’re here, they are doing everything they can”

This was all in a span of 2 minutes. I swear I was walking on autopilot because I couldn’t feel my legs anymore but somehow I was still walking.”

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