It’s pretty interesting to learn about where popular phrases come from…especially the ones we don’t really understand.

And I’m sure you have at least one these, right?

It’s okay, you can admit it!

People on AskReddit admitted what popular sayings don’t make any sense to them.

Let’s take a look.

1. Who are these people?

“You’re ‘Taking the Mickey’

Who tf is mickey and where have you taken him?

Or the ‘Average Joe’.

I never met a joe, honestly a Joe would be the opposite of average to me.”

2. Anyone?

“Happy as a clam.

Why are clams happy?”

3. What’s it all about?

“”The whole nine yards”.

I know what it means, but don’t grasp where the meaning originated. I have been told that it refers to making of a nice dress or a wedding dress, which would use the entire nine yards in a bolt of fabric.

But that’s just apocryphal. And does the term have any relation to the phrase “dressing to the nines?””

4. Weird.

““S**t eating grin”.

Why would eating s**t ever make you grin?”

5. Riddle me this…

“Sh**s and giggles.

I know what it means but why?

What does s**tting and giggling have to do with doing something for fun?”

6. Huh?

“When someone has a “laundry list” of things to do. With the implication that there is a lot to do.

Who’s ever made a list of their laundry?”

7. I remember hearing this a lot.

“Screw the pooch.

Someone said this the other day and I was so confused.

So, if you messed up someone says you screwed the pooch?

That just sounds awful.”

8. Not comforting.

“”There, there.”

I understand it’s said when consoling someone in pain, distraught or just plain sad. Letting them know you are there. What I don’t understand is the use of the word “there”, twice.

I’d understand consoling with “I’m here, I’m here”.

I’d understand consoling with “it’s going to be ok, it’s going to be ok”.

But…there…said twice? What does it mean?”

9. Gonna be a lot of work.

“”Got my work cut out for me”.

I’ve been told that this means that your task/job will be difficult.

It sounds like it should mean that your work will be easier to do.

I don’t get it.”

10. Give it up.

“Give up the ghost.

Which ghost is this?”

11. Still don’t know…

“”The exception that proves the rule.”

How exactly does THAT work?

I should probably know by now, but I don’t.”

12. Is that good?

“”I slept like a baby”.

I understand it is supposed to mean that you slept well, but almost very baby I have ever been around wakes up crying every couple hours.”

13. A Bart Simpson phrase.

““Don’t have a cow”.

Who are you to tell me not to buy a cow?”

14. Oh, boy…

“For years my husband didn’t know that Ménage à Trois meant something s**ual.

He thought it just meant a group of 3 people. He’d been going around saying it here and there for years, even using it to refer to his Bible study group when only 3 of them showed up.

He was so embarrassed when he found out!”

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