The older you get, the more you begin to notice trends about people who work in certain industries or in particular professions.

And some of ain’t good, folks!

And, with that, let’s hear from AskReddit users about what jobs they think attract the worst people.

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Good point.


I’ve been practicing for about 10 years, and I think the reason is this: in school we are taught to idolize certain “starchitects” like Wright and Kahn, but they were objectively terrible people.

And the kind of person who excels at gaining that kind of reputation as a charismatic creative tends to be borderline sociopathic. So there is a constant undercurrent of toxic hustle culture and the idea that you should ignore your family for the “project.”

Doubly so if you happen to create a secret second family in the process.”


“Spent several years in sales.

I made the most money I’ve ever made in my life. I also lost nearly all respect for the intelligence of the average human.”

Not for the weak.

“Former bouncer in my youth, and I can 100% confirm that most of the drama we were in was caused by the two biggest guys that just wanted to f**k with people and brag about it while we were having our after-shift drinks.”

In the Army.

“I’m probably gonna get some h**e for this… the military (The US Army to be precise).

Probably 99% of the soldiers are good, honest people. The nature of the job just simply attracts some sickos.

The Army does what it can, but It takes a long time to kick someone out of the Army. Source: 6 years Active Duty.”

BS artists.


I have some friends who are stockbrokers. I love them, but man, they are some BS artists. And not like, “Oh, they’re a good salesman, and could sell you anything,”

No, it’s like they make s**t up as they go along and try to sound confident in what they say.”


“Line cook.

A lot of them are great people, but every beyond horrible person I’ve met has always been a cook.”

Cruel world.


Intelligent people in very niche areas, with no consideration for the real world and social interaction, whilst simultaneously being told they are the best in the world at certain specific subject areas (which is true, but just not as many people care as academics think they do).

You end up with an unnecessarily toxic environment of people trying to intellectually one up each other and throw anyone off the ladder on their way up.

It’s a cruel, nasty, petty, and poisonous environment.”


“Nurses. There is a lot, A LOT, of toxic abusive high-school girl drama type behavior among nurses.

It’s such an important job and about half the people doing it shouldn’t be responsible for a yogurt, let alone a human being’s life.

I’ve seen some s**t, man.”

They know it all.

“I find young EIT’s (Engineer in training) and engineers fresh out of school are the absolute worst. So full of them selfs and they know everything.

I’ve been erecting/ repairing and maintaining bridges about 15 years and this new department EIT who’s barely gotten his dick wet basically said “ I don’t know what your welders problem is, there isn’t that much welding in this job for me to look at and approve your wire welding procedure” 3 welders working 12 hours a day and 8 days later we’re still not done, when wire welding would have cut the time in half.

Also wouldn’t approve tried and true and tested remediation methods that are basically standard practices just because he’s trying to reinvent the wheel on some pretty generic/ mundane components.”


“Corrections officers.

They are often people who couldn’t cut it as a police officer or couldn’t get hired as one. So they not only come to the position as failures who finally have some power, but it’s likely they have personalities that are unfit for police work.

So what better to do with these asshole than to put them in positions of power where they use their position to inflict abuse on inmates who have no power and no means to stop the abuse.”

Up the chain you go.

“Car salesmen.

The further up the chain they go (sales managers) the worse they usually are. That and car finance people. They have a financial incentive to bend people over, so the ones with no conscience are more successful and tend to move up the ladder.

Not all of them, but a lot of them. It’s one of those things where the business culture at the top needs to be set up right or corruption will run rampant. Most of the time those at the top just want to see big monthly numbers and they either encourage or willfully ignore dirty business practice.”

Living double lives.

“Oil field workers.

They might not start off bad , but after being around each other and away from their families , they become total monsters and often live double lives.”

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