In case you don’t remember, all schools are rumor mills.

Speculation runs rampant through the hallways and classrooms about teachers and students and the nefarious deeds that are going on.

Heck, sometimes even the janitor gets pulled into the stories.

And sometimes…the rumors are true.

What big rumor at your school turned out to be true?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Jeez…

“There was a family in my town that foster-to-adopted all their kids. Everyone had known one of their daughters since she was quite young and then they adopted another girl her age when we were in 8th grade.

They did NOT get along. When the original girl developed epilepsy a few years later, her new sister claimed she was faking and everyone thought she was so f**king mean and ostracized her.

Eventually, she had to fess up to faking the seizures all along when she signed up for basic training, which she never even completed. Unfortunately this was after we all graduated, so we never got to apologize to her sister.”

2. Pregnant.

“That a 12-year-old 6th grader had gotten pregnant over summer break.

Our Los Angeles county suburb (it was a small and far-separated from LA itself, see how large that county actually is on Google if you are unawares) was so scandalized by this “rumor” that a newspaper article came out with a cartoon drawing of a pregnant girl in a pretty little girl dress and ribbon in her hair — playing with dolls and kneeling next to a doll-house — accompanied the story about the “little girl who got pregnant and planned to keep the baby.”

She was interviewed. I remember her name but it’s unnecessary— the whole town knew who it was.

What’s wild is that the kids in Jr. High actually had a baby shower for this 7th grader as she got close to full-term, and all brought in packs of diapers and formula for her on a designated day. With the teachers, principal, and probably the school district in support of this.

The year was 1984-1985.”

3. It’s all true.

“In high school: that the biology teacher was growing weed in the environmental lab. Supposedly he did it for 30 years without anyone noticing. No one could ever prove it though.

Later on, I was assigned to be the agent taking care of some of his financial matters, so I went to his house to have him sign some paperwork. He had a hydroponic setup there, so I asked him about the environmental lab. It was like Han Solo in The Force Awakens.

“It’s true. All of it.” Then he offered me a brownie.”

4. Whoa.

“There was a rumor that a teacher had s** with whole basketball team.

Well, turns out it was half of the team.

Worst part is her son was on the team.

Her husband ended up divorcing her and her son left with his dad.”

5. Scandalous!

“Our science teacher was having an affair with our science technician and regularly left class to do his thing with her in the technician’s room.

That rumor started on Day 1.

Four years, two divorces, and two very quick departures later it was confirmed and what was left behind was a technicians daughter in my year whose life had fallen apart.”

6. Undercover.

“That one of the students was actually a cop.

Turns out he was a cop and busted one of the actual students for selling handg**s in school.

If you thought 21 Jump Street was unrealistic, think again. The cop was a 33 year old male and undercover for like half the semester.”

7. Sad.

“In Elementary (about 15 years ago), our favorite school teacher didn’t come back after a summer break. He was awesome: funny, sporty, cool, down to earth, never shouted. Just a great role model to have around when you are a kid.

Rumors went round that his wife and daughter d**d in a car accident. No one believed it. It was just what kids said on the playground. Somebody heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody.

Then I went to the local grocery store with my Mom a little while after school had started again. I saw my old teacher. He was a shell, a wreck. I was only 8 but even then you can tell when someone isn’t there anymore. I asked parents of my friends, and they confirmed the rumors.

I felt so bad that something as awful as that could happen to one of the best guys I ever knew and always looked up to. Turns out he committed suicide a couple of years ago. Same bridge that his wife and daughter d**d on all those years ago.”

8. He’s cool, man!

“There was always a rumor that the head janitor was a huge pothead and would smoke with students in one of the storage sheds away from the main building.

I always figured it was bulls**t until my friend CJ sent me a pic of him and the janitor smoking weed while surrounded by folding chairs.”

9. Tunnel of love.

“In my Catholic (Jesuit) high school, one of the priests and one of the nuns were very close friends.

We all loved them, and we could see that they were quite fond of one another (and they made a really nice looking couple). We used to affectionately kid them about “meeting in the tunnel” between the convent and the rectory.

A few years after my class graduated, they both left their Orders, got married, and had kids. We’re all happy for them.”

10. Seemed like a nice guy…

“We had a dean who “retired” one summer.

Turns out, he was busted in a huge pr**titution/drug sting by cops. He had 2 pr**titutes and coc**ne in his apartment when he got rolled up; ended up pleading guilty to felony drug possession (a few others I can’t remember), and sentenced to 5 years of probation.

He was an advisor for the school’s Drug/Alcohol Task Force.

Nice enough guy. Really cool with all of his students, maybe too cool. Always seemed to have super red eyes.”

11. Crazy.

“That one of the kids hung himself on a swing set in a local park.

They didn’t say who it was, and just thought it was a vicious rumor about the same guy… then four girls who were close to him came down the stairwell crying and ran out the front door and started heading in the direction of the park.

It was confirmed around noon, we were sent home after lunch.”

12. Uh oh…

“Our freshman science teacher was a massive jerk to any girl, and would frequently throw the dress code book at girls for the slightest issue.

Everyone said it was because he was p**sed his daughter became a str**per… that ended up being true.”

What were the crazy rumors that turned out to be true at your school?

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