It’s kind of funny what money (or lack thereof) does to a person.

You can pass someone on the street who looks completely disheveled and dirty and later find out that they’re a millionaire. Or, you can see someone out in public who is dressed up to the nines with a ton of jewelry and accessories and realize that they’re actually broke as a joke.

So, what screams “I’m way richer than I look?”

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. No problem!

“That money is truly not a factor to someone.

Whatever can be bought with money they can afford, so they don’t ever ask the price for anything.”

2. Below the radar.

“The richest people I know don’t stand out at all.

They don’t have flashy designer clothes or super luxury cars, because they don’t want the attention.

The only way to know exactly how rich they are is if they tell you directly.”

3. Ummmm…those are luxuries.

“My friends who grew up wealthy regularly forget that money is a limiting factor for other people.

They’ll suggest “why don’t we just…” and you’ll have to remind them that the thing they want to do costs money. Most people can’t “just” come up with the cash to do things on a whim.

They also don’t realize that the things they grew up with (e.g. getting a luxury car at 16, going to private school, international travel, getting an allowance from your parents as an adult) are major luxuries.”

4. Not flashy at all.

“Walking into an expensive store like Tiffany’s in jeans and a t-shirt buying a $2K necklace for your wife without breaking a sweat.

Then walking into Bloomingdale’s and spending another $5K on your wife.”

5. You look great!

“Rich people are often fitter and healthier. They’ve had the time and money to go the gym or do physical training all their lives.

Rich women have often never had to work for a living (which is often murderous for your figure and your complexion).

They also tend to walk as if they’re not in a hurry.”

6. Check out the footwear.

“Low-key expensive shoes with casual outfits.

So, you know, not Gucci.”

7. What a d*ck.

“Going to a private college party in an upscale apartment and ashing your cigarette on the floor because there is no server following you with an ashtray.

He was accustomed to that in his home country.”

8. Didn’t even flinch.

“In my experience, not even flinching at a loss or even the prospect of it.

I work in residential Air Conditioning. People who look poor and people who look rich act the exact same, they question the diagnosis, they have a look of distress when told something in their system needs to be fixed, they look around to see if hey can find better prices, etc.

People who have money but you wouldn’t tell: “$2,500, huh? Welp, gotta get it done, am I right? We need AC. Got family coming over, where do I sign?”

Dang! My favorite customers, honestly.”

9. Dead giveaway!

“Talking to a dozen people in suits at once, all calling you “sir” or “ma’am…”

…while dressed in the sloppiest clothes one can find.”

10. Hahaha.

“Staring into the distance while you fill up your car.”

11. Interesting…

“Strangers in public who remember your name at the end of a conversation when you only said it once in the beginning.

Many people seem to get this skill from the business world so they’re either surrounded by people with money or are people with money…”

12. Pay attention.

“The best way I’ve found is by the way they speak.

They usually speak intelligently, and are controlled and confident. They clearly connect to the person they are speaking to. Warm but somewhat matter of fact.

They just project that they have the world by the *ss without having to say it or show it.”

13. All about location.

“Their home itself isn’t necessarily huge or over-the-top fancy, but it’s in a really good location/neighborhood.”

14. That’s lame.

“Leaving a bad tip when going out to eat.

I worked in a town full of super wealthy people, the richer they were the worse the tip.”

15. Who are you wearing?

“Rare brands you don’t recognize.

Most could pick out a Lamborghini logo from a mile away, but not a lot know what the Koenigsegg logo looks like.

Most recognize the the iconic crown of Rolex, but couldn’t pick F. P. Journe out of a lineup of watches.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

What do you think is a dead giveaway that people are much richer than they look?

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