I was at an airport a little while ago and there was a guy behind me in line with a little teardrop tattoo beneath his eye…

And I instinctively knew that he was not a person to be messed with.

Because sometimes, you just know, friends!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think about this.

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1. Look at the hands.

“Hands. You look at the hands.

If the knuckles are all chewed up on a big set of meat hooks that dude has punched quite a few things and people.

Also never fight stupid people. They dont know when to stop. These motherf**kers will just keep pounding your face until its mush.”

2. Good advice.

“Never f**k with the person who is calmly minding their own business while everyone is freaking out/highly tense. That person’s seen some s**t.

Conversely, you shouldn’t f**k with someone who is seemingly nervous in a calm situation. They have also seen some s**t.

I remember seeing this girl, she was a high-strung mess of a person, who just wanted to sit alone for lunch and chill by herself. She literally went to eat outside during the winter bc the boys kept messing with her and picking on her.

At some point one of the guys tried to grab her arm, and I kid you not, she turned around and automatically beat the s**t out of him. Didn’t miss a beat, and this dude was allegedly sent to the hospital. Happened years ago in middle school. She was always a nervous wreck, but since then, no one messed with her.”

3. Don’t bother them.

“Those quiet people have a lot bottled up.

They’ve been through it all in life.

Don’t be the one to open it up.”

4. Yes.

“You are the product of millions of years of evolution, and much of it has been honed to subconsciously recognize danger.

Trust. Your. Instincts.

If red lights are flashing in the corner of your vision and a warning klaxon is sounding, even if you can’t articulate or understand why you should be frightened of the person or situation confronting you, LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS.”

5. Nothing to lose.

“People with nothing to lose.

It’s why face tattoos are scary. Not because they look scary, but that person has clearly resigned themselves to certain lifestyle.

Or at least it used to be that way. Tattoos in general are more accepted now.”

6. You can tell.

“People who carry themselves like they’ve seen some stuff and defended themselves through it are like this.

And they’re prepared to do it again…”

7. Never mess with a redneck.

“Actual rednecks/cowboys.

They’re generally pretty d**n strong from doing manual labor and anyone who rides a 3/4 ton animal that’s just had it’s balls pulled into a knot is not going to go down easy.”

8. Whoa.

“Never ever ever mess with a d**nk Samoan.

I went to a family gathering with a college friend and their friendly greetings ranked with the worst bar fight I have ever had.”

9. The 1%.

“I’m a former Marine that went on to become a soft law student and now very soft white collar guy. I like to think that a long time ago I could handle myself.

In law school I took my law school girlfriend to see some country & blues in a rowdy bar. It happened to be full of bikers that night. The only table left open had beer bottles and empty food baskets on it. Me and the GF are standing near it but don’t want to take any bikers table.

An average looking (except for the ink & 1% patch) middle aged guy walks up and says he’s sorry for the mess, but if we’d like we should sit down. I say thanks, and he turns around and points to the table. 3 scary looking bikers immediately come over, clear everything off the table, wipe it down, and set the chairs.

He turns to me and says enjoy the band and we never so much got a glance from the other bikers that night.

This was in Texas, and that same motorcycle club was involved in a massive shootout several years later.”

10. Old man strength.

“Old men who still look in good shape. Especially in the south/rural areas.

They’ve lived through a lot, most likely war and old man strength is no joke.”

11. Follow this advice.

“Stupidity. Nothing is more dangerous than stupidity.

Someone built AF with cauliflower ears and knuckles like rocks isn’t that dangerous if they dont want to go to prison. Youll take a beating and life will go on.

I would rather fight someone twice my size who is sensible, and probably lose, than fight some idiot kid who thinks hes invincible, idolises his drug dealer, thinks molotovs are bada**, and probably carries a knife.

Dont f**k with stupid.”

12. Seen a lot.

“When you talk to one about their trauma and they talk about it like it’s a normal, everyday occurrence.

Probably means they have been f**ked up and have way more willpower.”

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