One of my philosophies in life is to be nice to everyone you encounter in the world because every person is dealing with some kind of hardship.

You, me, everyone.

So a little bit of politeness and kindness goes a long way…

What kind of silent battle are you fighting right now?

AskReddit users opened up about this…

1. The struggle.

“Struggling to try and pay for my grandfather to be buried, while I try to emotionally compartmentalize that I’m going to have to put down my childhood cat this week.

In addition struggling to teach my autistic brother how to drive and handle his money and be an adult while trying to help pay off my mother’s debt.

My friends don’t know or may know one of these things and still complain to me about their 75k+ jobs they got while I’m struggling to get like 30k.”

2. That’s tough.

“Trying to come up with $5,000 to help my mom get a double lung transplant after being affected by Covid.”

3. Never satisfied.

“The urge to buy things to fill the void that will never be filled or satisfied.

And the constant maladaptive daydreaming.

If only I could turn my brain off…”

4. Traumatized.

“I recently got pregnant again after losing a baby 13 years ago. It was very traumatic.

I am so excited for a baby but I am having a hard time bonding with this baby during this pregnancy because I am so scared it will d** and the pain of losing another baby I loved so much is terrifying even though I know deep down the chances of that happening again are slim.

I feel like I’m “fake loving” this baby. I do not know how to stop feeling this way.”

5. Used.

“Every person that I like somehow proves me they just used me for attention and my generosity. I feel alone even when surrounded by people.

I rarely feel joy in anything anymore. I don’t know whats wrong with me that nobody wants to stay by my side while I try everything and work on myself everyday.

Sometimes I can’t even hide my loneliness anymore and I isolate myself even more because I don’t want anyone to see me suffer. I would like to be the person people share good news to because they know I will hype them up even more and I am happy for them.

Somehow they just come to my life when they are down and need something. And I will be always there getting them up again and helping them out but when will the moment come some stays after that?”

6. All alone.

“Being completely emotionally d**d inside. I lost my wife back in 2013. She d**d suddenly from a blood clot at 39.

I’ve rebuilt most of my life but that part of me never recovered. I feel nothing any more. Sometimes I just want a hug though.”

7. Hurting.

“My GF of 3 years just broke up with me last Thursday.

My mental health has steadily been declining for months. I only have one friend who’s consistently checked in on me.

I just want to make it to Friday. I have my first therapy session scheduled for then!”

8. Go easy on that stuff.

“My partner is going through extreme treatment for depression, (not their fault).

The consequences leading to me feeling like I’ve lost my best friend and feeling entirely alone and helpless. So I’m drinking now…”

9. Lustful.

“LUST… something I must get rid of…

It’s destroying my focus and how I see other people… the constant call of flesh…”

10. The big C.

“I have cancer and so does my wife.

Hers is more visible, she lost her hair and everything from chemo, where I look good but am tired all the time and I’m fighting the jealousy for the attention she gets from everyone while my sickness is ignored.”

11. No joy.

“No matter what I do, I cannot find joy or peace.

Rough childhood and young adult life has me not being able to appreciate the great life I have now.”

12. In pain.

“My pain level… I need an operation but can’t right now. Working toward it but it’ll still be a few months.

Every day is just another experiment regarding how much more pain I can stand. God bless everyone fighting a silent battle!”

Are you fighting a silent battle?

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