We want you to be honest with us today

You have some toxic traits that you’re proud of, don’t you…?

I knew it! You can’t keep anything from me!

And you better believe that we want to hear about them in the comments!

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1. Putting it off.

“I’m an Olympic gold medalist at procrastination. I thrive under self inflicted time crunches.

I can’t perform at a high level without it. I’ve always had good grades. I’m successful at what I do. I’m proud that my secret hasn’t held me back.”

2. Aloof.

“I am militantly aloof.

I can work with people for years and never make the slightest bit of connection.

I just sort of go about my business.”

3. Better watch your step.

“Maintaining relationships is exhausting.

If you f**k me over, I have no problem just…never responding to you again.”

4. Cut the BS.

“No tolerance for peoples’ BS.

I’m very skeptical, but I’ve also learned that correcting people doesn’t solve anything, better to keep your mouth shut even if you know the truth, if you want to be a likeable person.”

5. Holding on.

“I refuse to drop a grudge because “Hey man that was a long time ago.”

If you’re sorry, prove it. Don’t wait a while and just show back up.”

6. We’re done.

“I assume everyone will betray me or burn me somehow, so I have mentally prepared to cut anyone off at a given time and move on.

It’s a defense mechanism I wish I didn’t have as I used to be a very open and trusting person, but it just took one too many times of being blindsided by the ones I care about.”

7. At least you’re honest.

“Having a big ego.

It’s the only thing that forces my ass to achieve things in life.”

8. Show me the money.

“I have a very addictive personality but I use it to my advantage by obsessing over things that make me money.”

9. Holding it all in.

“Holding in my feelings.

It’s easier than talking about them, and makes my wife’s life easier. I find that if I’m not willing to talk about something that bothers me, it’s not worth getting upset over in the first place and I let it go.

I do have some pretty heated arguments with myself on the way to work sometimes.”

10. Time to keep it in check.

“My anger.

My anger has gotten me far in life but also held me back.

Useful and not so useful…”

11. Over the top.

“Hyper competitiveness.

It’s driven success in my life and kept me in good physical shape.

My wife doesn’t like playing board games with me though. I’ve worked on managing this aspect of my character but still allow it to run rampant in certain scenarios.”

12. Suspicious.

“I’m highly, highly suspicious of people.

But, I was raised by an a**sive narcissist, so my people-reading skills are above-average. Most of the time, I’m right when I sus out a snake in the group.

It makes it hard to make friends, since I always notice the bad sides of people first. But, it is how I’ve protected myself up until now when I’m finally healing from my trauma, so I appreciate it.

Besides, having high standards ensured me all the more that my husband was the right man for me.”

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