Don’t tailgate!

I wish they would have made a point of telling us how important it is not to tailgate other cars when I took Driver’s Ed as a teenager.

But I don’t remember that coming up…

So what are some other unwritten rules of the road that new drivers should know?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Good one.

“An old boss of mine used to put it this way:

“On the road, there’s FIVE people you need to be aware of at all times: the guy in front of you, the guy behind you, the guy directly to your right, the guy directly to your left, and the guy that comes out of f**king nowhere.””

2. FYI.

“Anti lock brakes, large modern vehicles and snow tires and four wheel drive are safety features to help you.

It does not mean you can drive in all weather conditions without driving for the conditions.

I have known people who had very expensive SUVs who are also very d**d because they drove fast in bad weather.”

3. Don’t blow it!

“If it’s your turn to go at a four-way stop, then go.

None of this “wave the other guy through” c**p.

You’re messing up the sequence.”

4. Amen!

“A light tap on the horn is a “heads up” and not an “eff you”, so don’t take it personally.”

5. Beware of the blind spot.

“Don’t hang out in my blind spot!

Either speed up and pass me, or slow down a bit.”

6. Always.

“If it’s raining put your lights on.

No matter the time of day.”

7. Pro tip.

“If you find yourself driving in Boston, find a safe place to pull off, and call yourself an Uber.

Have your car towed out of the city, and never try to drive here again. Please trust me, it’s not worth it.”

8. Assume the worst.

“Assume everyone else is uninsured, on a revoked license, d**nk, high, with stolen plates on a stolen car.”

9. A big one.

“Be careful when opening the door after parking.

Always look out for cyclists, other cars and buses.”

10. Not worth it.

“If people cut you off, let them go, and  don’t push it!

Don’t compete with the jerks on the road, because if you do then everyone loses.”

11. Definitely.

“Don’t cut corners.

I’ve nearly had head on collisions because people can’t just slow down a little and turn into the lane properly.”

12. This is great.

“If one car is on your a**, they are the problem.

If more than one car is on your a**, you are the problem.”

13. Out of the way.

“If you see someone doing something unsafe: Get out of their way and let them.

Better that they eventually total their car against a light pole, than in a collision with you.”

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