Things sure do seem to change in a hurry, don’t you think?

One day things are totally acceptable and then BOOM!, they become taboo and looked down upon.

What was acceptable 10 years ago but isn’t today?

Here’s how AskReddit users answered that question.

1. Chill out.

“Having a political discussion with someone that has different beliefs without it ending in a shouting match or someone being labeled r**ist or -phobe.”

2. It’s changed.

“Being an NRA member?

I can remember back when it was a thing totally normal hunters would be members of, and then it was a thing that people who liked going to shooting ranges were part of, and now it’s just WHOA NELLY, RED FLAG.

I don’t feel like the change happened overnight but it happened pretty fast.”

3. Bad genetics.

“My body as a whole.

God I’m falling apart at 30 I’m so screwed with these weak genetics.”

4. No privacy.

“Not instantly responding to calls and messages.

Most people in 2012 had at least a basic cell phone, but if you didn’t respond right away people weren’t worried like they might be today.”

5. Geek culture.

“Liking super heroes, or most things in geek culture really.

I remember loving super heroes when I was younger and being made fun of constantly.

Nowadays it’s so mainstream its inescapable.”

6. No more honesty.

“Being honest.

Today you’re just toxic, insecure or some sort of “phobic” if you say what you think.”

7. Freedom of speech?

“Sometimes feels like freedom of speech isn’t okay anymore today.

Cancel culture is everywhere.”

8. Be careful…

“Spanking kids.

But you got to be careful even then since you might be creating a sociopath if the kid is smart.”

9. Old school.

“Jokes by Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, etc.

Old school jokes.”

10. True.

“20 years ago all of you back pain sufferers could have gotten a complementary oxy script.

Now it’s just easier to ask El Chapo your pan relief needs.”

11. Easily offended.

“Speaking your fucking mind on the internet.

Nowadays everyones so ready to be offended it rustles my jimmies.”

12. Toe the line…

“Having an open mind, willing to listen all sides and being tolerant of something others do you may not personally agree with.

Now it’s toe the line or see claws and fangs.”

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