Ladies…it’s your time to shine.

Because the fine folks on AskReddit were nice enough to open up their forum to all the ladies so they could finally try to get to the bottom of the questions they want answered about men.

Let’s see what they had to say…

1. Let’s talk about…

“Aren’t you guys worried we might see you rearranging your balls?

Do you care?”

2. The helicopter.

“Does learning to helicopter need practice or is it a natural talent?

Please tell us.”

3. Hmmmm…

“Do y’all actually think about banging pornstars when watching p**n or is it just visual stimuli?

I’ve heard women say they watch porn for the scenario of s** (not necessarily a fetish or roleplay but simply watching people bang is hot) and men say they watch because they want to think about f**king the girl.”

4. Comfortable?

“Are all guys actually comfortable with urinals?

Is that little wall enough privacy for you?”

5. Is that okay?

“Do you feel emasculated when a woman performs a typically male-assigned gender role? (ie. buys you flowers, opens the door for you, proposes to you).”

6. An honest question.

“How to talk to guys without making myself look stupid?

I always find a way to embarrass myself somehow.”

7. I heard…

“I heard that you can orgasm without ej**ulation, is that true?

If yes how does it work/feel?”

8. Got it all planned out.

“Will you find me annoying if I want to do skincare with you?

Like face masks while watching a movie?”

9. Are compliments okay?

“Do you wish you got complimented more and generally just people being “softer” and sweet with you?”

10. Let’s hear it.

“Hey Boss, let me ask you this.

My male friend said that when us girls wear leggings you guys love it. DO YOU?

I’m a stay-at-home mom so it’s part of my morning wardrobe when chasing precious little ones.”

11. Have you heard this one?

“I’ve heard men can “smell” when a woman is menstruating.

I guess it makes sense to me bilogically, I just can’t imagine what it is like exactly.

Is it true and how does it work? Is it a specific smell? Can you describe it?”

12. They need to know.

“Is it actually attractive for a woman to make the first move?

I’ve been called weird or trying to hard because I try to initiate a conversation.”

We want to hear from some more women out there!

Tell us the questions you want answered in the comments.

Thanks a lot!