Oh, boy, I can tell that this is gonna be fun!

There are certain questions on AskReddit that inspire a whole lot of funny and creative answers…and I think this is one of them.

Read on to see what people had to say about this.

1. All of them.

“Car keys.

All the buttons on their washer and dryer.

Their p**p scoopers for their dog.”

2. There will be blood.

“Air fryer.

If someone took my air fryer there would be blood.”

3. You’re the devil.

“Hair ties and Bobby pins.

And half the Tupperware lids.”

4. Enjoy that.

“All the normal sized drinking vessels.

Am leaving nothing but shot glasses and that 100 oz insulated BigGulp mug they bought 10 years ago and forgot about.”

5. All mine.

“I’m taking their common over-the-counter medications.

Tylenol? Gone. Advil? Mine now.

Melatonin? Better hope you didn’t have too much caffeine buddy.”

6. Take that!

“I’d steal the entire vegetable crisper drawer from their fridge.

Enjoy your veggies going bad at a slightly faster rate!”

7. It’ll be a surprise.

“All of the labels from their canned products.

Want tomato sauce?

Too bad it’s pork and beans.”

8. Gonna be ugly.

“If they are a multi-pet household like ours, all of their lint rollers.

And if they have masking tape, that too as it’s good backup for removing pet hair from fabric.”

9. No!

“The pizza cutter.

There’s always someone who has to take it too far…”

10. Weird.

“Someone broke into my grandparents condo once.

It was Christmas time.

They opened all the presents but didn’t take anything.”

11. Oh, man…

“The tray from the microwave.

The thing that holds the cutlery in the dish washer.

Any remaining toilet roll, except for one square.

The fuse in the plug for their kettle.

The back cover off their remote.

The lightbulb from the lamp on the nightstand, so they wouldn’t know it was missing until all the lights were off and they needed to use it one night.

One knife from their knife set, so they’ll be looking everywhere for it.”

12. Here’s the plan.

“I’m not stealing anything.

I’m planting off-brand construction bricks.

You know, the ones that say that they work with LEGO but really don’t.”

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