Woo, boy!

This is an interesting question to think about…

My 15-year-old self would definitely not have predicted what my life is like now…

But life is full of twists and turns, folks!

So you gotta roll with the changes and do your best.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about this…

1. You made it!

“I’d be shocked that I was even alive.

I remember not knowing if I’d make it to 18, then it was 20, now I’m 24 and I’m still here, and I’m healing, so I know I’ll still be here at 30, 40, 50.

I will be older than younger me ever imagined.”

2. Surprised.

“Not in prison, rehab or on the street like so much of my family.


Really puts it into perspective when I look at it from the point of 15 year old me.”

3. How’d that happen?

“You h**ed school every single day of your life so far….why the hell did you become a teacher?

Wait, you’ve been in college for how long?!”

4. Bummer.

“Disappointment and shame.

So much wasted potential.”

5. That’s not good.

“Why are you not a doctor?

And why are you an a**hole?”

6. These things take time.

“Glad that you are finally getting your s**t together but sad to hear you went another 15 years without finding your life partner.”

7. Doing well.

“I’m still alive. I’m actually functioning.

Those “bad personality traits” are actual disorders that can be rectified. I have a capable job that I love.

And I have done tandem skydiving in New Zealand, my dream vacation spot.”

8. Let me correct you.

“15 year old me: You mean you get to have s** as much as you want?

Me: no, you misunderstood. I said I’m married with kids.”

9. Not bad.

My art skills got a lot better.

I managed to become a software engineer in an industry I always found fascinating.

I make enough money to live comfortably and not worry about bills too much.

I made so many more friends compared to when I was a teenager. Because I used to be introverted; but now I actually enjoy social gatherings and talking to people.

On the other hand my depression has me call in sick every few weeks because I literally cant get out of bed and then I scream in frustration because I feel bad for not finishing my projects in time.

I do make bad life decisions quite often and then spend way too much time and resources to un-f**k-up my life

But all in all 7/10 would do a lot of it again.”

10. It’s complicated.

“I think there’d be a mixture of disappointment and hope. I know they’d be really upset at our weight since they’d realized how upset our parents would be.

I also think they’d really be disappointed at how our education has gone as even I am, but I’m working on not judging myself so harshly for either. I think they’d also have hope seeing us moving out and also getting away from some the bad part of our life.

And like they’d be so happy to see we moved back to our home state after living in the hellish nightmare of they’re in.”

11. Goals!

“15 year old me was really fat, lonely and wanted to join the army.

I lost weight, got the girl, joined the army, and only lost all my hair….. fair trade off of you ask me.”

12. On the right path.

“Honestly… just happy I’m still alive.

At 15 I got heavy into drugs. Never heroin or general downers. I was a party drug person. E’s Coke, speed. For a time Ketamine. Now I’m 10 years clean and have my wife to thank for it.

I done a bunch of drugs and enjoyed myself but once I met my wife and things were getting getting serious I walked away, settled down and started a family which is something 15 year old me thought I’d never have.

In summary, at 15 I’d thought I’d be d**d by 30 if I kept going the way I was. Now im standing tall at 34 with plenty to live for.”

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