Hey, keep your chin up!

You’re doing great and there are a lot of wonderful things about you!

Even though it can be hard to feel that way about yourself sometimes, we all need that reminder once in a while.

Let’s hear what AskReddit users had to say about what they think are the perks of being them.

1. That’s a gift!

“I can fall asleep at any time.

So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.”

2. That’s great.

“I was born into a really supportive family.

I’m middle age now and grateful everyday for that.”

3. Got your back.

“I’m a college student and it’s the absolute best knowing my relatives and immediate family all have my back.

Wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

4. That’s good.

“I’m only stressed by things that are actually stressful, and once the issue has passed or been solved, it no longer causes stress.”

5. Special.

“My wife is a professional pianist, and her constant rehearsal means my life is filled with music.

Waking up to Debussy’s Children’s Corner is something really special.”

6. Alone time.

“I enjoy being alone.

My friends find it weird that I take myself to dinner, the movies and shopping by myself.

I’m happily married and love doing things with my husband but I also enjoy my own company.”

7. Willing and able.

“I will never have problems finding a job.

Being a male social worker willing to work nightshifts has its benefits.”

8. That’s really something.

“I’m invincible I think.

I fell off a bridge on my own accord to go to sleep forever at a high velocity and didn’t even break a bone, my appendix appendidn’t.

I’ve been st**bed twice, been in 3 car crashes, had my head stamped on twice and my dad strangled me as a toddler – I’m 19 and either made of rubber or I’m just invincible.”

9. I got this!

“Parking luck.

No matter how busy, I almost always find a parking spot near the entrance.”

10. World traveler.

“I was fortunate enough to be born in a family that traveled for a much of their work.

I was able to be homeschooled and join them on their travels.

I’m 28 now and have been to over 70 countries!”

11. Sturdy.

“I have indestructible ankles.

No incline too steep, no hike too challenging, I have fallen on top of these things so many times at such f**ked up angles and haven’t even sufficed a sprained ankle.

I’m built quite sturdy!”

12. The gift of gab.

“People just talk to me. Most people I meet like me for no apparent reason and tell my their life story out of nowhere.

I don’t understand. I know way too much about way to many people.”

13. Stylin’.

“Despite being a guy, I receive a decent amount of compliments from day-to-day as a result of my dress sense.”

What’s a perk of being YOU?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks a lot!