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Check out what AskReddit users think is acceptable in women but frowned upon in men.

1. A big one.

“Definitely talking to kids in public.

You see a woman walk up and call your child cute, she’s being nice.

When a man does it, he’s being creepy.”

2. Not too fancy.

“Exploration in every kind of fashion.

Especially as someone who enjoys dance, it’s been really remarkable to see how women can wear basically anything as long as certain parts are covered.

Big poofy pants that come up above your waist with sports bra? Cool. Skin tight half-leggings with a poncho? Excellent choice!

But men always wear the same shit. T shirt or button shirt, pants in the usual style.”

3. Getting there.


Although its becoming more accepted these days.”

4. That’s lame.

“Teaching in an elementary school.

So many kids need a positive male role model.

I was especially disappointed to hear an seemingly otherwise woke female colleague call it out as creepy.”

5. What’s the deal?

“S** toys.

Yeah, I got loads of toys. My BF? Only the one I got him.

Yet he’s supposed to be the pe**ert.”

6. You’re right.

“Crying (society is getting better about this)

Being compassionate. (seen as “weak”)

Being helpful to children that aren’t related (we know why though).

Growing out our hair.

Not being the “bread winner” in the relationship (society is getting better about this too).”

7. Broke as a joke.

“Going out for a night out with no money.

I had a very attractive ex girlfriend who would actively “forget” her wallet when she went out but didn’t care or matter because guys were always offering free everything.

I told her to stop being an idiot (albeit she was 21) as to not knowingly or unknowingly place herself in a position where she might held to account for someone’s purchase or offer. To double down, her family was decently wealthy. She didn’t work or have expenses or anything. Just swiping daddy’s card for everything she wanted.”

8. You look great!

“Complimenting a stranger of the opposite s**’s physical attributes.

Guys will take that compliment to the grave “nice arms” “I love your hair” “you’re looking pretty buff” and we remember that forever.”

9. Good point.

“Being sad about an unsuccessful dating life.

I’ve seen guys say nothing more than “I’m kinda sad that I can’t find a girlfriend” and all the comments were full of people saying “nobody owes you anything” and calling them names even though nothing they said actually implied they thought that way.”

10. At-home dad.

“Being a stay-at-home parent.

I’ve been at it 8 years. Some days are awesome, most days are exhausting.

But I don’t get invited to the other stay-at-home parents things because they are “mom groups”.

No one is specifically excluding me but it doesn’t occur to anyone that a stay at home parents might not be a mom. This s**t is isolating.”

11. Yes.

“As a woman, I’ve noticed that it’s more acceptable for women to be bis**ual than it is for men.

But there’s so many factors that makes 2 women having s** more acceptable.”

12. Suspicious.

“I am a dad with three girls. They are mixed race, and one of my kids looks nothing like me.

I am worried that when I am with her that people think I am a weirdo or a child trafficker. I also coach her soccer team, and I try not to hug or touch the kids. They are all young, and one of them got a ball to the face. I tried to comfort her without touching her, and it was not successful.

I had to call out to one of the moms to help me. I don’t think a female coach would have the same concerns. My daughters love of all their teachers, and I don’t think anything of it. I don’t touch or do anything to the players. I am afraid that people think I am a predator or have ill intentions.”

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