Look at them, aren’t they adorable?!?!

Actually, hang on a second…

This isn’t adorable at all!

In fact, it’s downright creepy!

That’s right, friends, we’re about to hear from AskReddit users about couples that people think have perfect relationships but they actually don’t…at all…

Let’s get started!

Royal problems.

“Prince Charles and Diana.

That was a super sad marriage, although none of us knew it at the time of the wedding…but it sounds like Charles and Diana both kind of knew it.”


“Elvis Presley and Priscilla.

Yeah he lied to her parents about where he was taking her and got a friend to send postcards from his residence when they were really in Vegas to make it look like they were both still there.

He also got her to take uppers and downers with him when she was only 15 or 16.”

Soap opera romance.

“Luke and Laura from General Hospital.

The dude r**ed her years before on the show. So she literally married her r**ist and all the adverts and news was about this great love they have and the wedding of the century.

Soap operas…”


“Tennessee Rep. John Rose and his wife, who he married as a college undergrad when he was 45.

He had been grooming her from a young age, and if I remember the details right, helped her with the scholarship out of high school and everything.”

Let’s get real.

“Listen I know we all don’t wanna admit it but Han Solo was in his mid 30s driving a beat up Winnebago with illegal mods and smuggling illegal goods before he seduced the 19 yo daughter of a senator he helped break out of the Pentagon.”

Listen closely.

“Mass interpretation of The Police song Every Breath You Take.

It’s a proper psycho-stalker song when you hear sting talk about it but yet people have it as their First Dance at weddings.”


“That young kid who married the 50 Shades director.

She was 42 and his BOSS and he was 18 – she cast him in that John Lennon film (as the lead, John Lennon himself), left her hubby, married him and got pregnant with a few kids immediately, after already having had children before.

What rising star in Hollywood who’s about to make it big wants to have kids by 20 years old? It feels like the manner she used to trap him for good.

Aaron Taylor Johnson & Sam Taylor Johnson, had to look it up.

Aaron was 7 years older then Sam’s oldest daughter when they started dating. He was 18 and his soon to be stepdaughter was 11. He is 32 now and she is 25.

They try very hard to convince the world that they are madly in love and see nothing wrong with their relationship. Maybe he didn’t realize it then but now that he is 32 with a 55 year old wife, maybe the realization will hit soon.”


“Batman and The Joker.

It’s very twisted for sure! They are obsessed with each other in a really unhealthy way.

Batman knows how extremely dangerous he is, but can’t bring himself to k**l him and the Joker loves making his life a living hell and takes advantage over the fact that he won’t kill him.”

Not exactly healthy.

“Romeo and Juliette.

Even looking past the fact that she’s likely 12 years old, they have known each other for a month and they’re both willing to commit suicide for the other one.

Doesn’t exactly scream healthy relationship.”

Thoughts on this one?

“Buffy & Angel.

I recently thought about this after rewatching Angel, they low key retcon their original meeting to make him “fall in love” with Buffy and stalk her when she’s a literal FRESHMAN in HIGH SCHOOL and he’s like 2 centuries old.

Like dude was staking her out dressed as a 30yr homeless dude in a heavy dark-tinted car.”

Wouldn’t have worked out.

“Jack and Rose.

Rose had known Jack for only 3 days but she trusted him with her life.

If both of them survived the Titanic and started their life in New York, they definitely would have had more fights and rifts in their relationship.”

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