It never feels good when you discover that you’ve been lied to…and that you BELIEVED the lie for a long time.

It’s a huge bummer!

But we’ve all been there at one point or another in our lives.

What’s the biggest lie you ever believed?

Check out how AskReddit users answered that question.

You’re the best out there!

“When I was a kid, my dad told me I made the BEST cold glasses of ice water.

Nobody could make ice water quite like me.

So, sure, he could get off the couch and get himself a glass of water, but since I was better at it, that burden fell to me.”


“One morning my bro and I woke up to find two chicken eggs in our hamsters’ (both male) cage.

My parents told us that they were actually hamster eggs and ours were going to have babies! We got so excited!

The words “April fools!” brought us to tears!”

No party for you.

“That you need a license for parties for kids.

That was the reason why I never had a party when I was growing up.

They said you need to get a license from the post office, but there’s only a certain amount of licenses available for that area.”

Who built this place?

“I lived my entire life genuinely believing my childhood home was built by little people because the attic crawlspace is unbearably low.

Turns out yeah they were a little below average height but not literal dwarves.

Just about everyone I know has laughed at me. I really am a clown. Honk.”

You bought it.

“Friend of mine told me that soybeans picked in the daytime were used to make soy milk and soybeans picked in the nighttime we used to make soy sauce and that was the difference between the two.

I told so many people.”

That’s not good.

“Therapy is only for the weak, stupid, or crazy. Real men don’t show any emotion other than angry or happy.

Everyone will take advantage of you. Don’t let them; nobody is to be trusted.

There were lots…”

Didn’t deserve it.

“That if I do enough good, good things will happen to me.

I still pity the small child who ran herself ragged tying to help everyone and destroyed her mental health because she thought that she was a bad person if she didn’t dedicate every waking moment to other people.

I didn’t deserve that.”

Fell for it.

“I blindly believed my ex when she said she was downloading Tinder to see if her friend was cheating on her boyfriend there.

Suddenly someone new a month later.”

Bob the Alien.

“After my mom and dad separated people bugged my mom to get dating again in that “you’re not getting any younger” kind of way. So she started joking that she had an imaginary boyfriend named Bob the Alien.

Bob became a staple in the house. At some point my mom had to get a hysterectomy due to a very large and life threatening fibroid but my brother and I were too young to fully get what that meant.

So she explained that she was carrying Bob’s baby and they had to cut the baby out of her and bring it back to their home planet. My little brother and I believed it for a long time.”


“‘You are imagining things because you are crazy’

I have many mental health difficulties. If I was told I was imaging things I would spend a lot of time beating myself until I thought what I was told to think.

Turns out I was not imaging things. I was just being gaslit to protect someone else pride.”

You blew it!

“My dad would tell me that when the ice cream truck was playing music it meant that it was out of ice cream.

Believed that s**t till about 5 years ago.”

What’s the biggest lie that you ever believed?

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