I’m gonna get real for a minute and tell you something I’ll never do as long as I live…

Hallucinogenic drugs.

I know some people really love them and think they actually do our brains a lot of good but I’m just TERRIFIED of them…and it’s probably a little bit too late for me to mess around with that kind of stuff, anyway.

What’s one thing that you’ll never do?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Scary.

“Climb Mt. Everest. I’m almost finished with Into Thin Air.

All I could think about as I read about the descent was “nope, not doing that” and “why would ANYONE do that?””

2. Not worth it.

“Mess around with h**oin.

Scared I would like it too much, and it would completely wreck my life.”

3. Hell no!

“Caving, like the type where you barely wiggle into a wee hole.

Nope, not gonna happen…ever.”

4. Creeps.

“To scam someone.

I don’t know how some of these people can sleep at night. An elderly neighbor recently got scammed of supposedly a car sale that doesn’t exist.

She tried to email them and begged for her money back but of course they’re long gone. It’s heartbreaking to witness it.”

5. Too risky.

“Bungee jumping.

It’s basically s**cide without the commitment.

You’re literally inches from d**th and are trusting somebody did their math right.”

6. Good job.

“37 years now without al**hol.

It doesn’t even cross my mind.”

7. Just say no!

“S**ke ci**rettes.

My parents (especially my dad) DRILLED it into me to never s**ke. I even turned down $,1000 to take a drag by my incredibly intoxicated friend one night.

Never taken a single puff in my 32 years of existence.”

8. Not gonna happen.

“Have kids.

No, Nosy Nancy, I’m not going to “change my mind because I’m young and things change”.

I’m 35. Still no desire to have kids.

Thankfully my partner doesn’t want any either.”

9. No, thanks.

“Get a tattoo.

I don’t keep an interest long enough to warrant something on my body forever.”

10. Not for everyone.

“Go skydiving.

Just imagining it is scary to me. I have a fear of falling.

I don’t mind heights but I panic if there isn’t a railing or something that will keep me from falling.”

11. Taking a stand.

“Buy a pair of Crocs.

I know they’re comfortable as s**t and everyone I know owns a pair but my god do they look stupid.”

12. A bad idea.

“Hard drugs.

Not interested in the slightest, like…not even curious.

Weed is more than enough for me.”

How about you?

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