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So no matter what you read today, keep an open mind and remember that desperate times call for desperate measures.

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1. An interesting experience.

“I sold my body to a drug study for 3 weeks in 1991.

We took a dose of some antibiotic every day and had blood drawn throughout the day. Every day.

Pay was $2000, which was sweet for 1991.

Being in the drug testing facility for 3 weeks was…interesting.”

2. Sign me up!

“I got paid 1,000 to drink Screwdrivers and being flashed by bright lights.

Basically got paid to get dr**k with bunch of sensors hooked up to me.”

3. Whatever you gotta do.

“I scrounged every inch of my car, trunk, under carpet, pulled out seats, to find enough change not to bounce a check.

I needed less than $1 and had about an hour to find the money and deposit it. The banker lady knew what was up when I made the deposit.

30 some years later and I still haven’t bounced a check.”

4. Sad.

“Many years ago, when I was a child and my mother and I were facing homelessness, we’d spend the nights at various places, like laundromats or hospitals.

One night when we were really hungry, she had me dive into the wishing well to collect quarters to use for the vending machine. It’s one of those surreal memories that’s stuck with me.”

5. A rough year.

“I worked at a little Hampton Inn. My sister and I had a small apartment, so roof over our heads, but very little food.

We would take naps so we didn’t have to think about being hungry. I started lifting food from work. A few small danishes, some single serve cups of peanut butter and jam, the commercial packs of coffee for her (and she would use just one for days) We’d buy bread and eggs mainly.

I’m pretty sure the owner was on to me though. He left at 5, either went to dinner or home, then would end up back when I was on shift bc he ‘accidentally’ ordered an extra dinner, or his wife made too much again of chicken and rice or spaghetti. I’d take it home and share.

It was just a rough year. My Mom visited and was shocked, immediately took us to Costco to stock up. We were still eating off that food a year later, she bought us so much. Nothing fancy, but we felt like royalty with all that food. My definition of success is being able to go to the grocery store and buy whatever I want, without counting cost as I shop. Happy to say, I am a total success!”

6. Lab rat.

“In university, I signed up as a lab rat for various studies.

One involved staying awake for 30+ hours in a room with no sunlight, communication, or anything else that might give me a sense of time.

Among blood and urine tests as well as various probes and monitoring devices, it also involved keeping a thermometer in my ass the entire time.

$1400 is $1400 though.”

7. Happy ending.

“I was newly broke as a joke and had a date in hours. She wanted to go to Red Lobster.

I went through my car, parents’ cars, sisters’ cars, couches, everything – looking for coins. I had a partial used gift card to somewhere as well.

I took it all to the grocery store, cashed in the change, sold the gift card for practically nothing.

I had just enough to cover myself. If she expected me to get the bill, I was finished. I’d have to own up to having like $31.25 to my name.

Luckily, she didn’t. She piped up and split the bill.

So now we’re married.”

8. Needed the cash.

“Selling condoms in a male restroom at a bar.

Needed cash for a train ticket back home to the neighboring town.

Was just standing in a corner offering rubber for some coins.”

9. Had to do it.

“I slept with my 64 year old landlady.

In my defense, it was either that or sleep on the street.”

10. A little extra.

“I took out a payday loan to pay some bills, but I took out just a little extra. Went next door to the casino, played a poker tournament and won.

Went back to the loan shop, since it was less than 24 hours they can not charge interest where I am at. Payed off the loan and walked away with the amount I originally borrowed. I do not recommend this financial strategy.”

11. Who’s hungry?

“Searched every square inch of our house and yard to gather every penny we could find to buy food with my dad and brother.

We ended up with around 7-8 bucks and bought some pinto beans and tortillas. It tasted amazing after not eating for a couple days.”

12. Time to pay the rent.

“Once when unemployed, I bought a bunch of king-size candy at Costco, and went door to door selling it saying it was a fund raiser for a church youth group.

Made a good profit and was able to pay rent that month.”

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