I’ve told this story a few times, but here it goes again

When I was 8-years-old, I saw a man fall to his d**th from the upper deck during a White Sox game at Comiskey Park in Chicago.

I was a good distance away, but I glanced over toward the right-field line just in time to see him plummet into the seats below.

And I think that’s probably the most messed-up thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

And now it’s time to hear from folks on AskReddit about this topic.

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Glad he’s okay.

“I saw my little brother getting hit by a car and flying a few meters through the air when he was only 6 years old.

Fortunately he didn’t even break a bone but damn, I‘ll never forget this.”

Welcome to New York.

“Found a d**d body on the sidewalk in front of my building on my third day living in NYC.

When I told my supervisor about it at work, hoping to process it with someone, she just kind of brushed it off like “welcome to New York.””

Bleeding out.

“The most f**ked up thing I’ve seen was a guy who had just been in a motorcycle accident bleeding out on the side of the freeway.

He was clenching onto the hand of the girl who was the driver of the car involved. She was crying hysterically.

I saw his hand turn white in a matter of seconds. I remember it whenever I see someone on a bike.”


“Worked in a gas station in ’80s, some guy came in after midnight and bought a cigarette lighter.

He walked outside and went over to one of the gas pumps and pumped gas all over himself. Set himself on fire after that. After I tripped the emergency shut off for the pumps me and another customer ran outside. The customer tried to put the fire out on the guy with his jacket and I used a fire extinguisher on the other things that was on fire.

Eventually we succeed but the guy was seriously burned all over. This was the 80’s so most of his clothes was of synthetic fabric that had melted into his flesh. His face was kind of melted too. The ambulance came really quick and he was taken away. He didn’t die but I never saw him again.

I talked to some cops a while later and they said that he was on probation and was protesting about his treatment and tried to commit su**ide.”

The accident.

“Fatal hit and run vehicle accident that happened in front of me. A car got struck by someone who ran a red light.

The truck at fault basically slowed down a second and then drove away. I stopped to check on the people in the car. It was a couple of teens, the guy having substantial leg injuries and the girl was unconscious and losing a LOT of blood. Like, her pants, seat, and floor carpet were becoming saturated with it. She basically stopped breathing and lost her pulse before the ambulance got there.

The guy was crying and begging for me to help her, though there wasn’t much I could do. Once she was loaded on the ambulance the guy started pacing around (on his bad leg) and basically having a panic attack. The ambulance crew and some firefighters were mostly busy with the girl so me and one other firefighter were trying to calm the guy down. He finally collapsed in pain and another ambulance arrived to get him taken care of.

I remember getting in my car to drive home, turning the radio off, having a “What the fuck just happened?” moment, then driving home in silence while trying to process it. Didn’t get much sleep that night, obviously. I later learned that they never got her pulse back. She was either 15 or 16 years old. Don’t remember exactly.”

Poor cow.

“I worked for a horse training ranch for a month when I was a kid. Me and the dude I worked with found a cow that had been d**d for a while out in the field. It was bloated and gonna’ blow soon. We did not engage with the cow, we weren’t prepared for a clean up that day.

When we came back prepared for cleaning the next day it had ruptured and the smell was life changing. It was spiritually bad. Since I was basically an unpaid intern, the paid guys told me to take a hike. 14 year old me took a hike. I was a hard working kid and they knew it so let me off with that one.”

Watch your hands.

“I saw a guy get his hand eaten by the gatling g** on an A-10 aircraft in 1981.

He had his hand/arm stuck in the g** for at least 6 hours while medial people were shooting him up with paink**lers. They had no clue how to get him it without amputating his hand.

They ended up taking the g** out of the aircraft, understand, this is a big fu**ing gun, like the size of one of the old VW bugs. They took the gun apart as much as they could and medivacked him out with this gearbox that had to weigh 200 lbs on his hand.

I saw this guy about 6 months later, just before I transferred to another base. He had this giant bandage on his hand with 4 fingers and a thumb sticking out of it. Not sure how well everything worked but he did have his fingers.”

Not a pretty sight.

“I witnessed a bad car accident once.

The car launched off of an overpass as I went under it. The car flipped several times. It was like something out of a movie. I was the first person on the scene, my wife called 911.

It was not a pretty sight. The first thing I remember seeing was a severed arm beside the road. There wasn’t much left of the person’s body.”


“I lived in Detroit.

Once was urban exploring in a particularly funky neighborhood with a buddy and we got into a nicer looking big house overgrown up front but “bushwhacked” in the back, like someone was living there at some point but not anymore.

We get through the back room which felt like a dining nook, through the kitchen and up some stairs so we could find the bedrooms, but the first room we go in up top there was a body.

Didn’t get a good look at it, we said nothing, took nothing, and left the house respectfully. It’s Detroit, so since police response for a d**d body is the same as for a robbery, we just left him in his resting place.”

Overdid it.

“When I was 22 on NYE I ended up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. In the bed next to me was a 16 year old kid for the same thing.

His friends were scared to call for help when he collapsed so he wasn’t transported until hours later when his older brother came home. His BAC was slightly lower than mine (mine was .382, so I don’t really know how I came out okay) but he was braind**d.

Listened to his parents discuss organ donation before he was taken off life support.”

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