This is gonna be hilarious!

And I can honestly say that I’ve never heard or even thought about this question before.

So let’s see what folks on AskReddit came up with!

1. Thanks…

“Napkins from Taco Bell.

Friend of mine gave me a whole pack of them once when he worked there.

The shock on everyone’s face was priceless.”

2. ‘Ol Four Eggs.

“Someone in my grandmas garden club brought 8 deviled eggs to a potluck and my grandma started calling her “four eggs” behind her back.

So probably that.”

3. Hmmm…

“I once had a friend (who volunteered to bring meat) show up to a potluck BBQ with two steaks, for her and her husband, and an 8-pack of hot dogs for the other 20ish guests.”

4. For the win!

“Store-bought cookies with the reduced/day-old sticker visible.

And they’re already opened.”

5. Vicious!

“Exactly whatever the host/hostess plans to make for their signature dish.

Especially if you make it better.”

6. LOL.

“My co-worker brought one packaged loaf of bread, unsliced.

He had signed up for vegetables.”

7. Raw.

“We went to a thanksgiving dinner where everyone was supposed to bring something.

The guy who was supposed to bring mashed potatoes walked in with a bag of spuds. Not cooked or anything. Just raw. Twenty minutes before dinner.”

8. Classy!

“I had a friend show up to a lobster boil with 4 uninvited guests and 3 pieces of corn.”

9. This is good.

“An empty pizza box set out on the table so everyone opens it as they go through the line.”

10. Oops.

“For a Thanksgiving potluck my husband signed up for dressing, not realizing that’s what some people call stuffing.

Anyway he brought like 4 different kinds of salad dressing and I’m sure everyone thought he was the worst.”

11. Takes a lot of nerve.

“To-go containers.

I used to have a co-worker who’s only contribution to office potlucks was to-go containers for her and her mother.

She would go through the line three times, once to take home for herself, once to take home for her mother, and then once to eat with the rest of us.”

12. Gonna get ugly.

“A large beer cooler full of ice…

And one beer…”

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