You get paid to do what?!?!

Have you ever said that to someone?

Okay, it’s probably not the most polite thing to say to someone, but still…some jobs that people have are totally ridiculous.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Gross.


Look up Tobey Maguire’s “breakdown” in front of the press. He’s yelling at them to move because he just wants to drive off but they swarm and surround the car instead.

Complete and utter bulls**t that paparazzi can basically harass celebrities and get paid for it.”

2. Sounds great!

“Promotional speaker.

“Let me tell you how I became successful charging you $10,000 to speak how I get $10,000!””

3. Hmmmm…

“Anyone who says they have an “investing strategy” 100% makes money from selling bulls**t and couldn’t make money investing in a million years.”

4. Awful.

“”Ticket broker” and “Console broker”

AKA Ticket scalper and console scalper.

Add no value to the transaction, just needlessly insert themselves to profit.

F**k ’em.”

5. LOL.

“Pet communicator.

After a dog attacked one of my friend’s dogs at the dog park, the owner came back the next day saying he took his dog to the psychic and found out that the reason his attacked was because the other called his dog fat.”

6. Predators.


Any kind, especially those who prey on people mourning the d**d and convincing them they are speaking.”

7. Total BS.

“NYC apartment brokers.

The only way it would make sense to me is if they were there to negotiate on my behalf, but they are incentivized to do the very opposite.”

8. Total BS artists.


Biggest scammers in the world.

But don’t worry, just slap the name Jesus or God and it’s legit.”

9. There you go.

“Phone/text/email solicitations for anything.

If I wanted to buy something or sell you my house I would contact you…f**k off.”

10. You don’t know s**t.

“”Life Coaches,” especially the ones in their 20s.

You don’t know s**t about s**t.

And if your coach title doesn’t start with a sport in front of it, you’re a fraud.”

11. Unbelievable.

“My sister used a “camp consultant” to find a summer camp for her kid.

I’m still in shock that that is a real job.

And that my sister hired one.”

12. MLMs.

“Anyone who sells MLM garbage.

No, I don’t want to buy your average at best makeup.”

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