I’ve always been attracted to women who have a bit of a “different” look.

In other words, I’ve always liked ladies who look a little bit different from the norm or have some unusual characteristic that makes them stick out.

And I think that most of us have a little something like that.

What’s the most unusual thing that you find attractive?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

A little tired.

“I’m into guys who look or are slightly ill/tired.

Think dark circles under their eyes, glassy/feverish eyes, the way they just get a bit pathetic when sick/sleepy… granted this all likely is the result of my whole “nurturing kink” or whatever the hell you’d like to call it.

I just want a man who needs some extra TLC and is a bit whiny and clingy. One of the long-term guests at my property has insomnia, which we bonded over, and he made me realize just how attractive I find the whole “not resting enough” look to be. which makes me feel bad because I want my partners to be well-rested and healthy, not sickly and constantly tired, but it’s still hot to me for some reason.”

Very specific.

“The little chunky bit under the arm bit near the b**b.

Not the b**b but the chunky bit.

It’s so cute.”

Nobody’s perfect.

“Curiously, it is imperfections.

That facial mole you are self-conscious about or acne or whatever.

I don’t know why, but looking “perfect” just weirds me out.”


“Watching a woman confidently ride a bicycle through city rush hour traffic.

So hot.”

Into it!

“Someone’s awkwardness, when they’re shy, get nervous or blush.

I don’t know why but I just can’t handle it and want to kiss them, touch them and have control over them, only If I have a romantic-s**ual relationship with that person.”

Perfect 10.

“I love people’s hands. when folks have long fingers that look like they’d be a good pianist.

When people’s hands have calluses from manual work or exercise (rock climbers in particular have super attractive hands).

Hot as hell 10/10.”

Nice and wet.

“Wet hair.

Not like “in the shower wet” but more of a “got out of the shower an hour ago and it’s still drying” wet.

No idea what it is, but it’s gorgeous and wish it was something that was doable 24/7.”


“I think males and females both look better with glasses on.

Male or female if someone is talking to me and peers down their glasses instantly they are super attractive.

I’m super hot for the older MILF librarian look or like dude in a dress shirt with glasses and rolled up sleeves.”

On fire.

“I think everything about my boyfriend is hot…but the little lines around his eyes when he smiles that he already calls “crows feet” make me feel like I’m on fire.

I’m sure there’s something more unusual that I find attractive, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind because it’s typically viewed as a flaw. I love my boyfriend.”

The bigger, the better.

“I am really attracted to women with larger noses.

I think it can turn an otherwise ordinary face remarkable, and I just associate it with intelligence and grace.”

All about the footwear.

“What shoes, boots, sneakers, whatever footwear a person wears.

I always find it attractive when someone wears something that fits their own personal style or it completes the look I guess, but it’s something I tend to notice personally.”

Can’t resist.

“I’m psycho for panty lines.

You could put jack black in a pair of lululemons with tighty-whiteys underneath and for a split second I would be all like “maybe…””

What unusual thing do you find attractive?

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