I’ve never been to Paris before, but I’ve heard that seeing the Mona Lisa in person is kind of a letdown.

But I’d still like to see it someday so I can make that call for myself.

Have you ever been disappointed by a tourist attraction?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. La La Land.

“Los Angeles in general was a let down. (I’m from Australia).

I mean it was cool too see some of the places. But the traffic was enough to put me off ever going back. Unbelievable.

The drive from LA to San Francisco was amazing, though.”

2. That’s too bad.

“The Statue of Liberty.

Did not move like in Ghostbusters and there was next to no paranormal activity.”

3. Not a good experience.

“The main archaeology museum in Cairo. Almost everything in there has been reproduced so many times that it was disappointing. At least I visited during the Egyptian Revolution so zero lines there and at the Pyramids.

I was way more impressed seeing tanks on the streets. Being held hostage because one of the obnoxious Saudis wanted to go to a belly dance bar. Our group showed up, they dropped off a tray of fruit no one asked for, and then a few GIANT Egyptian bodyguards surrounded us demanding money.

The Saudis and them had an argument that lasted forever. I got out, but had to wait an hour or so for the rest of the group. We had an illegal taxi because normal taxis were under curfew, so I couldn’t get my own cab to leave.”

4. Sad!

“Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.

Thought it was going to be a wild party scene. Just a very short street with lots of bright lights, sad old horny men and young ho**y Europeans/Russians, and overly aggressive hookers trying to literally drag you into their bars.

I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it.”

5. Brutal.

“The Taj Mahal.

Lovely architecture but the surrounding area is so full of heart wrenching poverty that it completely destroyed any positive memory of the trip. Little kids hounding you for blocks to buy something while dragging their younger sibling around.

It was emotionally brutal.”

6. Well, there’s that.

“Plymouth Rock.

It’s just a rock. It’s not even a very big rock, or a weird-looking rock. Just a big gray lump the size of a beanbag chair with “1620” carved on the side. I didn’t pay anything to see it and I still felt ripped off.

Nice pizza place nearby though.”

7. Surrounded.

“The Alamo.

It’s completely surrounded by shopping districts and tourist traps that absolutely dwarf it.”

8. Not the same…

“Times Square. It’s been Disneyfied to holy hell. Who the hell goes to NYC to eat at a KFC and then go to the NFL store?

There’s this saying that Times Square is the one part of Manhattan actual New Yorkers never go and I totally get why.”

9. Dirty Myrtle.

“Myrtle Beach.

The water was awful and the beach front was littered with sharp rocks and bottles.”

10. The Big Sleazy.

“Bourbon Street.

It’s an absolute cesspool of filth and sugary hangover drinks.”

11. Ouch.

“Paris, Texas.

Boasts being the home of the second biggest Eiffel Tower and literally exists as a bad Dad joke come to life.”

12. Shanty town.

“The Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy itself is one of my favorite places – but the tower is essentially surrounded by a shanty town of pick pockets and markets setup to narrow you into better pick pockets situations.

Bizarrely someone in our group was robbed despite being warned over and over again and we witnessed others realizing they’d been robbed in other groups. Very bad impression and it seemed to be unstoppable gangs.

Similarly once your into the courtyard around it – it’s just a sea of selfie taking people trying to get a pic where it looks like they’re holding it up, over and over again eughhhhhhhhh had me questioning society as a whole.”

Have you been disappointed by a tourist attraction?

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