I didn’t work out too much when I was young, but there was a reason for that: I was young and I was ALWAYS moving.

Walking to work, walking to class, riding my bike, etc.

But if you don’t start to exercise when you get a little bit older, the consequences will be NOT GOOD.

So it’s best to keep moving, in my opinion…

But today we’re going to hear from folks who DO NOT exercise at all.

Check out what they had to say.

1. Bored.

“On top of being physically unpleasant, it’s boring.

I have so many other hobbies I want to be doing instead.

Even worse than that, my own depression and self-loathing issues go into overdrive when I don’t have something to distract my brain with.”

2. Failing.

“I have a lot of body issues and feeling my body fail me is so indescribably miserable and there’s no way around it.

Extremely demoralizing and it feels that way every single time.”

3. Nothing extra.

“Never liked feeling out of breath, it was always a horrible feeling and I couldn’t understand how anyone could like working out.

Turned out I had exertional asthma/asthma, even well medicated I don’t like the feeling.

I eat healthy and have an active job and freetime but I don’t do anything “extra”.”

4. Living your best life.

“I have incurable cancer. I’m gonna live my life as I want.

I went to a clinic and the nurse said “we’re gonna tell you to stop eating carbs blah de blah.” She said, in the future we’ll reduce or get you off the meds.

My reply was “I don’t have a future” Her reply was brilliant. Checked the computer, then said ” eat and drink what you want”. Brilliant.

Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m loving life.”

5. Not motivated.

“I have trouble motivating myself, probably due to depression.

I know logically that it’s not that bad and sometimes even feels good, but I just never do it.”

6. Done with service.

“I left the military not too long ago. My body hurts. I just wanna chill for a while.

Enjoy the cartilage that’s left in my knee for a bit. I’ll get back on it eventually. Or maybe not who knows…”

7. There you go.

“It’s boring.

I have no motivation.

And there are always other things I’d rather do.”

8. Too bad.

“I’m super self-conscious to the point of being borderline non-functional, so doing anything exercise outside my home has always been a complete no-go.

I’m working on it, but still have yet to find the courage to set foot in the gym.”

9. Not helping.

“It’s so f**king boring.

I listen to music and podcasts.

Nothing makes it a more appealing task to me.”

10. Repetitive.

“For me it is boring and tedious for the most part. especially repetitive things like weight routines and using the treadmil.

The best thing I’ve found is hiking but even that is hard to get motivated to do.”

11. A tough situation.

“I’m an amputee and I can only wear a prosthetic about 30% of the time, and any rigorous activity that makes we sweat causes sores and discomfort.

I also have shoulder arthritis so any lifting causes pain.

I can swim a little bit, but can’t really afford a membership to anywhere with a lap pool.”

12. Don’t enjoy it.

“People have always told me to exercise because it feels good. It doesn’t. I f**king hate it.

It hurts. I get even more tired. And then I do it again over and over for the same results. I have never enjoyed exercise. It doesn’t make me happy, maybe proud that I reached a goal, but overall, I hate the entire experience.

Add on the self-consciousness, and you have a recipe for me literally never working out. After an exhausting day at work, I do not want to go to a gym to h**e what little free time I have.”

Do you work out?

Why or why not?

Talk to us in the comments and share your thoughts with us!