Have you ever been cheated on by someone?

I personally have not…at least not that I know of…

But a whole lot of people have, and today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about the worst reasons their partners gave them for cheating.

Let’s see what’s going on out there!


“”You are d**ng! Do you really want me alone when you are d**d?”

I was fighting cancer.

He also told me that I was disgusting and he felt gross touching me. Luckily, both types of cancer are out of my life.”


“”You didn’t answer your phone, was I supposed to spend Saturday night alone??”

I was at work, and so were you, we worked together you f**king moron.”

A real rollercoaster.

“She met someone that she immediately saw herself marrying.

A month after we broke up she moved across the country, got married, called me to tell me she made a mistake, got divorced, moved back home, got pregnant and then got married again.

Her Current age : 22.”

That’s a new one.

“He said that he cheated on me because I wanted to have too much s**.

More than 5 years later I still can’t find any logic in that.”

What a jerk.

“”It’s not like we’re married.”

Apparently, I can’t expect respect from someone who goes from calling me “love of  my life” to blowing her high school shag toy when he comes back to town.”

Not official.

“I got ” well, we never made it official”

We had split up for a few months before they asked to move back in as friends. Before long she’s sleeping in my bed, we’re doing all the couple stuff again, she’s telling me she loves me, we’re playing family, etc.

Literal years go by, she starts a new job, starts banging some guy, wouldn’t leave even though I told her she had to leave, I knew she was cheating. Awesome human.”

I think it is.

““It’s not what you think it is!”

After I walked in on them making out.

While she was on his lap. Both without shirts.”

I believe them!

“They were about to die from hypothermia!!

The only way to warm up is to take off their shirts and put their tongues in each others mouths!! Duuuh.”


“I couldn’t have s** for two weeks so I could recover from surgery so she thought it wasn’t “cheating”.”

That hurts.

“My ex-girlfriend said “I forgot you were alive.”

For details I wasn’t in the military, I was in university.”

That’s pretty bad.

“Well, I know this guy that was convinced he was in an open relationship, except he forgot to let his girlfriend know…

She found out 7 years into the “open relationship”.

With multiple women, in 4 continents. Oh he also had a book where he’d categorize them…”


“My serial cheater ex once told me while in a fit of tears:

“I can’t stop cheating, I just have so many issues, my mom lied about Santa when I was a kid and it really f**ked me up. I don’t think I can trust people because of it so I cheat.””

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