A lot of people would love to be skinny…

It’s the body type that’s most presented as desirable in our society and folks who have a few extra pounds usually look at thin folks with envy.

But there are drawbacks to living the skinny life…and AskReddit users opened up about them.

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. No respect.

“As a man, when I was too lean, I felt like other men didn’t really respect me and some would even try to intimidate me.”

2. Bad habits.

“People assuming that you must be healthy because you’re skinny, leading you to cruise on through with all those unhealthy eating habits until you hit your 30s and then whoops, you’re not skinny anymore and you can’t manage it so well.”

3. Frustrating.

“Clothes never fit well.

Whenever the length is good, the width is too much.

Whenever the width is good, it’s too short.”

4. That hurts.

“Sometimes even just sitting hurts because there’s not enough fat to cushion the bones and they press directly on the nerves.”

5. Start young.

“The long term problem of low bone density when you get older.

Start lifting those weights in your 20’s and 30’s to maintain good bone density, ladies.

6. Can’t get comfortable.

“You know when you lay down on your bed, ready to relax and sleep?

Well, unless I lay correctly- my ribs will start aching, and my hips might too.”

7. Non-stop comments.

“Bosses, coworkers, friends, sometimes girlfriends, family, customer service workers, teachers – every one of these people have felt it was fine to comment on my body – how skinny I am.”

8. Wow.

“Parents using you as an example to their kids of why drugs are bad, within hearing shot of you.

Nope, I weighed 37kg because I couldn’t eat for 3 years, because I had a tumour growing on a major nerve.

At least if it was drugs, help was easily available, as opposed to doctors thinking I was a woman just being dramatic. But thanks for making me feel worse!”

9. Rude.

“That thing where people make a ring out of their fingers and put it around your forearm to see how much space there is.”

10. Not your problem.

“I have no problem being skinny, the world does.

My blood work is great, can bench my own weight, and I’m fairly healthy.

It’s the stress of the constant teasing and shaming that does the most damage.”

11. Freezing.

“I’m always cold.

I’ve heard it referred to as “the wind becomes lazy” meaning it no longer bothers to go around you, it just goes straight through you.”

12. Tall and lean.

“As 6’5′ person that was and still is a bit skinny:

Clothes do not fit nicely

Not enough muscles, hard to gain them as well

Not the strongest

Insecurity that comes with being different, hard to feel confident if you are nowhere near the ” ideal ” body type

I am tall so not so much but short skinny person might be easily disrespected

Annoying comments.”

What do you think is bad about being skinny?

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