Did you ever play Truth or Dare when you were growing up?

I’m willing to bet that most of the folks who are reading this right now played that game that brought out the worst (and the best, sometimes) in young people.

And I bet you have some wild memories too, don’t you…?

What’s your craziest “Truth or Dare” story?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Bummer.

“Best, I was dared to make out for 5 minutes with a boy I really liked.

Worst, he said he didn’t want to play anymore and walked away from the game.”

2. Ouch.

“The worst was when my dumba** friend fell on me while doing the dare of jumping off the table.

Broke his ribs and my foot.”

3. Don’t ever tell her.

“One time when I was around 13/14 I was playing truth or dare with a group of friends and I laughed so hard I pi**ed my pants and all over the bare air mattress I was sitting on.

Luckily it was pretty dark so I don’t think anybody saw the literal puddle of pee next to me, so I mopped it up as best I could with my sweatpants and hoped the rest would evaporate quickly. In the midst of a panic I went and changed into different pants, conspicuously proclaiming “my jeans are actually more comfortable than my sweatpants.”

Anyway, I came back downstairs from changing to find one of my friends asleep with her face right where I had peed. I still haven’t told her and it’s been 8 years.”

4. I can explain…

“One time in high school, a cop stepped onto the bus as I was wearing a girl’s bra on my head like a helmet, like strapped under my chin and everything.”

5. Nice work!

“I licked the school bleachers.

I’m 90% sure I’ve done worse, but I have memory issues so I don’t know if I have or what it was.”

6. Didn’t go well.

“I was dared to suck a guy’s d**k in the bathroom.

He gave me herpes and my mum had to take me to the doctor to get some medicine for it.”

7. Going places!

“In 4th grade we were playing Truth or Dare on the bus.

Someone dared my friend to lick the floor of the bus.

He did it, and I thought about that moment the whole time he was giving his speech at high school graduation.”

8. Good and bad.

“Worst: I was 13 and the dare was to go into a darkroom with my then gf. She broke up with me instead of fooling around.

Best: I was 36 and on a party night with friends one opened up that he had never played truth or dare as a teenager, and he always regretted missing that experience. We spontaneously started a round of truth or dare.

A friend of my mine chose truth and answered that she wants to have a four-some with us. We stopped playing and had a four-some.”

9. Totally worth it!

“The time I was dared $200 to jump off my roof.

$200 and a couple broken arms later, I was rich AND popular.”

10. Good job, guys.

“Watching two idiots use the pen**es like lightsabers and fighting.”

11. Jeez…

“Was at Scouts.

The trapper had just killed & skinned a possum. Dared a boy to eat his eye.

Wasn’t his eye, was his ball. Kid never lived it down.”

12. Whoa!

“NYE, 1995.

I was dared to kiss a guy that all my friends were crushing on & I really wasn’t. I smooched his lips & everyone was like “that wasn’t a kiss.” So I went in deep and hard for a second one. I was 14 and he was 16. We have been together ever since.

He followed me to college, I followed him out of state for work, we moved back home at 25 & 27, got married. Here we are in 2021 still together. It is so bizarre.”

Do you have any crazy “Truth or Dare” stories?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!