I haven’t been insulted in a while…I guess I’m due!

And I’m in luck today because a bunch of people were nice enough to share their favorite comebacks when people talk trash to them.

Are y’all ready for this?

AskReddit users shared the comebacks they like to use when they’ve been insulted.

Let’s take a look!

1. Try again.

“If the insult is funny / good, laugh with them.

If it’s bad, laugh at them, and just go “you know what buddy, we’ll give you another crack at that one if you’d like.””

2. It could work…

“I just say a random woman’s name didn’t love them.

Only twice have I correctly named the person’s mother.”

3. You know it!

“As a teacher, when a middle-school student has called me a motherf**ker, I replied with,”that’s right, SON!””

4. Repeat that, please.

“Ask them to repeat themselves.

Then do it again.

This is the best one because a good insult relies on timing. Having them repeat it makes it sound dumb and mean.”

5. Take that.

“Complete silence…

Let the uncomfortable sizzle and sink in.

It’s debilitating to the ego.”

6. Bud?

“You doing alright, bud?

The condescending use of “bud.”

Nice touch.”

7. Good idea.

“When somebody is insulting me without any purpose I just say “bad day, huh?”

90% of the people almost immediately calm down and even apologize to me beacuse they seriously had a bad day and they just had too much bad energy without a way to let it go.”

8. Ehhh…

“A shrug.

Like I care what this pile of s**t thinks.”

9. Nice!

““I’ve been called worse by better men.”

It works.”

10. You know what…?

“”Hey you know what…if you’re that insecure I promise I won’t judge you for it.”

Tell someone they’re insecure and chances are they’ll get more butthurt than they’re trying to make you with their own insult.”

11. They’ll tire themselves out.

“I just say “and then?”

And i keep saying it after every insult until they run out of insults.”

12. Confuse them.

“I usually call them something that isn’t seen as an insult.

“You’re a jerk!”

“Well you’re a walnut””

13. Shame.

“”Your parents must be so disappointed.”

Or “who raised you?””

14. They’ll feel humiliated.

“Hey Champ.

Calm down.

You wanna play catch?”


15. Moving on.

“Teacher hre.

I always just say the word like “ omg did you seriously just call me a motherf**ker?” while laughing.

And pretty soon the kid is laughing and all the kids are laughing and then I will say “ that was not necessary, and was also very unimaginative, you are better than that” and then we just move on.”

What’s your go-to comeback when you get insulted?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!