The internet and social media are filled with people sharing all kinds of opinions about serious issues our world is facing…

And today we’re gonna do the exact opposite and learn about peoples’ strong opinions about things that aren’t political, religious, or moral.

See what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Please!

“Radio ads that have honking horns or sirens should be illegal.

As should billboards.”

2. That would be nice.

“If I buy a car, I want to own it without paying a subscription to use the radio or heated steering wheel.”

3. Personal day.

“Weekends are sacred and you can pry my free Saturday out of my cold d**d hands.

And even then good luck because I will have hot-glued it to my hands.”

4. Definitely.

“People should learn that saying “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable thing to say, and very often the most accurate.”

5. Safety first.

“Swimming should be taught at a very young age.

Teaching a baby to float on their back after dropping in water is a literal life saver.”

6. This!

“It’s much more important to be predictable on the road that polite.

When it is your turn, go.”

7. Good idea.

“Old people needs to start playing some (video) games.

I work as a nurse and all I see is elderly wasting away in bed with nothing to do. They don’t use their brain much when they sit in hospital bed or skilled facilities bed, seriously, get a hobby!

Slow that cognitive decline!”

8. Waste of paper.

“Printed mass-mailed advertistments should be banned, so useless.

Also all mailorder-catalogues and such.”

9. That would be nice.

“Charities must be 100% transparent on all donations amounts and how it has been spent “including details of salaries and how much trips and things costed them to operate”.”

10. Quit while you’re ahead.

“Most TV shows don’t need as many seasons as they think they do.

Quit while you’re ahead and stop ruining perfectly good shows by stuffing them with garbage so you can get more money.

Same goes with movies and sequels.”

11. I agree.

“Everyone should be taught basic first aid in school, with refreshers / advancement over the years.”

12. Absolutely!

“If you can’t handle al**hol and know you’re a really s**tty d**nk, you shouldn’t drink.”

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