Admit it: you have a weird hygiene habit.

Something that you like to keep on the down-low because you’re kind of embarrassed about it.

Well, the time for that embarrassment to end is TODAY, my friends!

Because these AskReddit users got real about their weird hygiene habits.

See if yours match up!

I see…

“When I shower I slowly rotate in a circle like some type of vertical rotisserie chicken.

But if I spin around a few times, I have to spin around the same number of times in the opposite direction, or… else I guess.”

Every day!

“I see a lot of elderly people in the hospital.

99% have toenail fungus.

I keep anti-fungal shampoo in the shower next to a toothbrush and scrub my nails and in-between my toes every morning.”

Having some fun.

“When in the shower, and I’m lathering up my body with my soap/shower gel, I ensure a nice seal between my arm and body.

Then I keep my fingertips against my hip and extend my elbow, creating a huge bubble in the gap between my arm and body.

Then I blow it to see how big a bubble I can blow before it pops.

Yes I’m a 35 year old man.”

Good to know.

“Squeegee myself with my hands in the shower to get most of the water off before I towel dry.

They teach this in the army, to avoid d**th by cold in circumstances where you aren’t in possession of a towel and need to change after for example escaping/traversing in general through a lake/river.

Putting on clothes while somewhat wet is an excellent way of remaining cold enough to d** in Finland.”

Night owl.

“Taking showers in the middle of the night.

I have insomnia and one night I decided, what the hell, I need to shower when I get up anyways, so I’ll get it out of the way now. Maybe it’s placebo, but as soon as I got out of the shower and got into bed I slept like a baby.

Now if I can’t fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night I’ll go take a shower instead of laying in bed trying to force myself to fall asleep.”


“Full body tick check before bed every night.

I spend a lot of time in the bush and Lyme disease sucks.”

Nice teeth!

“My friends think it’s weird that I time myself brushing my teeth so that I brush for the full 2 minutes.

Joke’s on them though, I have the nicest teeth in the friend group.”

In the dark.

“I like to shower in complete darkness.

Turn off the lights, block the bottom of the bathroom door with a towel or my clothes if I have to, maybe put some music on if I’m in the mood, and just have a nice, long, hot shower.

It’s incredibly relaxing, almost like a little nap with how warm it is and all the darkness.”


“I trim my armpit hair every time I trim my beard.

It’s like a buzz-cut under there.

Deodorant is more effective that way.”

Might as well…

“I do almost everything in the shower.

I brush my teeth in the shower. I shave in the shower. I trim my bits in the shower. I hang my clothes to steam in the bathroom while i shower.

I basically have my morning coffee, let the dogs out, and disappear into the bathroom only to emerge as a fully functional (and clothed) adult male about 20 mins later.”

Avoiding germs.

“When I pay with my card, I use my index finger knuckle to tap on the screen and if I can type the keys on the pad.

At a public restroom, I use the paper towel to open the door to leave.”

There you go!

“I cut my toenails only on the same day I’m vacuuming.

The vacuum always gets them all.”

Do you have any weird hygiene habits?

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