Some people are single by choice and some are just unlucky in love.

But whatever the case, everyone has a story, right?

Take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about why they’re single.

1. Different priorities.


I have other priorities on hand right now that come first. I’m also somewhat limited in my ability to meet anyone; pretty much would have to use a dating site, which I’m not keen on.”

2. Clueless.

“I literally have no idea how to even start looking for a partner.

I h**e bars, clubs and all that social s**t. I am neither rich, attractive or charismatic.

Dating apps seem like they will k**l whatever is left of my self esteem.”

3. Here’s why…

“I am single because I have not met someone who:

I respect and am attracted to physically and emotionally,

who is also single and is interested in me, and

whose lifestyle and life situation is compatible with mine.

There are so many planets that have to align in order to get into a good, healthy relationship with someone, and I would much rather be single than be in a mediocre or toxic relationship.”

4. A lot of reasons.

“Social anxiety over decades changes you. Even if you finally deal with the symptoms, cause medically etc, the changes remain.

Behaviour patterns, instincts, interests etc – no drive/interest to have a family anymore. And minimal socializing/not meeting new people.

I also don’t drink which eliminates 70% of all social places/events/interactions around here.

Even good looks, personality etc don’t matter if you barely ever interact with people.

And I’m not desperate, so I have still specific standards/likes and many things I dislike.”

5. Scared of commitment.

“I have too much work to do on myself/too much baggage that already is emotionally draining, adding a relationship to that makes me exhausted & stressed all the time.

And I guess I am a commitment-phobe now due to trauma in my past. So it’s the single life for me.”

6. Burned in the past.

“The calm I get from waking up every morning knowing nobody is cheating on me very easily outweighs getting cheated on.”

7. Lonely.

“What I want is simple, I only want unlimited love and affection.

I mean in my past relationships they could do that at first but as the relationship starts getting longer they start slowing down to the point where it seems as if I’m asking for too much.I’m a loving person and I like to give people I love a lot of affection and to feel loved the thing is nobody can keep up with that sadly.

Also lack of communication or understanding from the other side. so I’m just lonely now.”

8. Get your s**t together.

“My last attempt at a relationship was about 30 months ago. It signaled that I needed to get a lot of s**t straight. Since then, I have…

– Purchased a home
– Gone to therapy for 15 months
– Closed up four storage units; a perpetual curse tied in with three generations of family (my grandfather’s suicide, my father’s incapacitating mental illness, and my own Atlas-like physical and financial burden to carry it all)

Having gone through the hero’s journey, I am nearly ready to close my resale business, and finally take a chance at love again, with the dream that this one will be “the one”. I am ready.”

9. Peace and quiet.

“Because I’m much happier than I am in a relationship dealing with someone’s s**t all the time.

Lovely peace & quiet.”

10. Can’t do it right now.

“I am single because I’m not mentally well enough to even take care of myself, so how would I balance a relationship when I can’t even balance my mental health?”

11. Doing just fine.

“Because I love my life and I don’t want to give up any part of it that makes me happy. Regardless of what people say, you always have to give things up in a relationship.

You simply cannot continue to live like you’re living now while also incorporating another human being at the level of closeness of a romantic relationship. When I was younger and didn’t have as many hobbies, making that change was nice because it filled the void with someone.

Now I have zero voids, and I’m not willing to create them in order to bring someone in.”

12. All alone.

“By choice.

However hard it was, I found I was happier alone. It was a sad realization after so long with a great partner, and it caused pain.

I’m hopeful the right person is out there.”

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