Hey, having kids isn’t for everyone…not by a long shot.

And some people just know that being a parent just isn’t in the cards for them.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about why they don’t want to have children.

1. As easy as that.

“My family truly cannot wrap their heads around this answer when I say “because I don’t want them.”

Why would I make such a life altering decision if I have no desire? I always explain, you don’t go to the pet store and get a cat even though you don’t want one, so why would I do this on a much larger more expensive scale.

They never enjoy the comparison of a child to a cat, but that’s showbiz baby.”

2. Not enough money.

“It’s not economically possible at the moment.

Housing and costs of living are through the roof. If I were to move into an apartment with a partner, we would already be living in poverty if we both worked decent jobs.

Having another mouth to feed would put us further into poverty and wouldn’t be fair for the kid.”

3. Grew up poor.

“I think there’s a good chunk of people who simply grew up so poor that they can’t even imagine NOT using that money on themselves as adults.

I already didn’t have a proper childhood, so I’m sure as hell not giving up my adulthood “unconditionally” for a new life. No chance in hell.

I’m going to enjoy this life to my limits, because I’m owed this much for not having chosen to be born.”

4. Turned off.

“My mom was really weird. I remember her telling me when I was around 8 or so that my that my birth was a horrifically painful experience for her and that I ruined her body, and told me that she couldn’t wait until I got pregnant and gave birth so she could “make some popcorn, pull up a chair and watch the show” and that she would enjoy watching me get ripped up.

I have a lot of reasons for wanting to be permanently child free, but that alone has had me turned off to idea of having children ever since.”

5. Nope!

“I babysat my 4 year old nephew, and 2 year old niece and nephew over a long weekend.

Absolutely never again for any reason ever.”

6. No regrets.

“I quite like kids. I am very maternal towards my nephews.

But being a parent would make me an anxious high strung overworked mess. The stress of it gives me chills. I’d be emotionally miserable and my marriage would likely fail.

As of now I am a happily married 41F, no regrets. I sleep and eat on my own schedule, have quiet morning coffees and do as I please.

Savings in the bank. A lovely 4 bedroom home with 3 cats. Vacations for two. Happy hours with friends whenever it suits my mood. Life is good. I’m not giving that up.”

7. Not a big fan.

“I don’t like children that much that I’d want to be saddled with them and the responsibility it entails for the rest of my life.

I’m happy to be an aunt.”

8. Not compatible.

“I like doing things on my time.

Plus I spend a lot of my time naked and that just wouldn’t work for my lifestyle.”

9. Simple as that.

“My parents were s**t.

I have s**t genes.

I don’t want to put that on someone.”

10. No maternal instinct.

“The idea of being pregnant, let alone actually birthing, is horrifying to me.

I also have no maternal instinct for human children.”

11. An honest answer.

“I think raising children is a loveable experience.

It’s just that I feel that I don’t earn enough to give my children what I imagine they need in life.

Why give them a sad life?”

12. The struggle.

“I don’t want to bring kids into this world if it means they’re going to live a life FULL of struggles.

The financial climate has changed so much in the last few years, it’s a total different ballgame now.”

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