Imagine a world where you didn’t have to work at all

Does it sound good to you or would you be bored out of your mind after doing whatever you wanted for a while?

Yeah, it’s a tricky one…

But these AskReddit users definitely DO NOT want to work and they’re here to tell us why.

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. Yuck.

“It is SO MUCH of your life to have a long commute. Assuming a 1.5 hour commute each way and 260 working days a year, that is 780 hours of your life commuting PER YEAR.

Divided by 24 to get days, and we’re talking about 32.5 full days of your life, every year, just commuting. I WFH now, but I will never, ever, ever accept a job with more than a 15-20 minute commute ever again.”

2. Where’s the fun?

“I want to do things I enjoy.

Work takes me away from that…”

3. We’re not robots!

“People love to be useful and productive if they have autonomy and are in control of their own time. The modern workforce is so unnatural that it strips away much of what makes ‘working’ fun.

People aren’t built to be robots, but workplaces often expect that you will behave like one. Where’s the fun in that?”

4. I want to work, but…

“I want to work.

In my garden.

On my home.

With my family.

On crafts.

But I don’t want to WORK.”

5. Here’s the deal.

“I don’t work in a field I care about and the field I care about doesn’t pay well enough.

Workplace politics are annoying and I don’t like potlucks.”

6. Rigged.

“60% of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck, of which I am one and have been most of my life.

Three people have more wealth than the bottom 50%.

The game is rigged for most of us to lose, and that is becoming more clear every day. I’m simply tired of playing.”

7. Makes sense.

“There is nothing that I love enough to want to spend 40+ hours a week doing it.

At least nothing that pays…”

8. Enough to make you sick.

“Just the thought of being chained somewhere I don’t want to be makes me physically nauseous.

Spent 15 years in tech support. Every morning I would wake up with that “OH NO” feeling. Every night I would spend too much time staying up late because I didn’t want to sleep, wake up, and go to work. Those years are a sad, depressing blur.

Currently doing delivery apps when I can motivate myself to do them. Wages are getting lower and lower and less and less people are tipping. So I am happy with my life now, but still depressed everyday just thinking about what i’m going to do if I can’t afford rent anymore. I’d rather jump off a bridge than get a 9 to 5 again.”

9. Stressed out.

“Because why would I want to spend almost all my time doing something which stresses me out and means I can’t stay in bed when I want to?

So many people say “oh just get a job you love” but there literally isn’t a job I want.”

10. Tired of it.

“My HR is filled with jacka**es who screwed me over.

No issues with my coworkers.

I’m just tired of being mistreated.”

11. No energy left.

“I want to work, but I only want work to be a small part of a very colorful and varied life.

Instead, it’s required to work 40-60 hrs a week just to make ends meet and at the end of it, have no energy left to enjoy what little time you have outside of work.”

12. Get real!

“Who really truly wants to spend half their waking hours generating wealth for the owning classes just to be barely able to survive, and with little remaining capacity to do the things they enjoy?”

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