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AITA for telling my neighbor that her husband isn’t the catch she thinks he is?

“So I 28 F recently attended a neighborhood BBQ where this mommy influencer started asking me about my love life in front of the other neighbors. Now this woman is 35 is a decade younger than her husband.

When I told her that I wasn’t interested in getting married or into a committed relationship, she made comments saying that she was worried I would end up a bitter old cat lady.

She insinuated that being “easy” is what’s keeping me from finding a life partner and that if I saw a therapist and sorted out my issues I would also end up with a catch like her husband.

I got really angry and pretty much humiliated her and her husband in front of the other neighbors saying that her husband isn’t much of a catch since he pretty much cheated on his first wife and abandoned his kids from his first marriage and that their picture perfect Instagram family isn’t going to fool me into Idealizing them.

I said that ending up with a guy like her husband was my worst nightmare and that her choice in men is unfortunate

She left the BBQ crying and now wants me to apologize to her.


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This person said that this wouldn’t have happened if the neighbor minded her own business.

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And this Reddit user said that this woman obviously had it coming.

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Lastly, this individual said that the neighbor simply got a dose of her own medicine.

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