Blind dates are uncomfortable no matter what, so imagine being set up on a SURPRISE blind date!

Yeah…that doesn’t sound like a very good time.

So was this woman a jerk for embarrassing some folks after they did this to her?

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AITA for embarrassing my sister, BIL, and his friend after I was set up on a surprise blind date?

“I (25F) have never been interested in romantic relationships. It just doesn’t appeal to me, I’m very busy with grad school and work and I like being on my own. I have friends and a dog and that’s honestly enough, I’m happy with my life.

My family thinks this is weird beyond belief and the pressure has ramped up now that even my younger brother has gotten married and I’m the only one left “on the shelf”. My older sister’s husband has been offering to set me up for years because I’m “too hot” to stay single, whatever that means. I’ve always tried to refuse politely, but it’s wearing thin.

I was home visiting my parents this weekend and my sister invited me out to dinner at a new restaurant. It was an upscale place so she said to wear something nice. I thought it was just going to be the three of us, but there was another guy in the car when they picked me up. He said he was BIL’s friend Joe. Awkward, but not too unusual.

We get to the restaurant and sit down and Joe keeps trying to make conversation with me with BIL and my sister egging it on and I finally joke “Am I on a date or something, what’s with all the questions?” and my sister straight up says “Yes, we thought you just needed a little push, so we decided to set you two up.”

I ask Joe if he knew about this and he admitted that BIL told him he wanted to set him up on a blind date, but that he was glad he came. So I was the only one that didn’t know it was a date.

I was pretty mad, but didn’t want to cause a scene in the restaurant, so I finished dinner and gave really short responses to questions (“So you’re in a Ph.D program?” “Yes.” “What’s that like?” “Busy.”) and the evening just stayed really uncomfortable and awkward.

Joe apologized in the car and I told him it wasn’t his fault but he probably shouldn’t let BIL set him up again and I wasn’t interested in dating anyone. Apparently he told BIL off in the car about making him look bad so that he didn’t even have a chance.

My sister is mad because I was rude and embarrassed them when they were just trying to help me out of my shell. My parents think I should have appreciated the gesture and given Joe a chance because “you never know” and want me to apologize.”

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