If someone buys you something that you didn’t really want and you didn’t ask for, are you supposed to pay them back?

That’s a pretty good question, don’t you think?

And we’re really gonna get into it today, because this woman sounds pretty peeved that her husband is demanding cash for a car she didn’t ask for.

Take a look…

AITA if I don’t want to pay back my husband for a buying “me” a car that I didn’t even want?

“An ex boyfriend bought me a 2019 Jeep Cherokee (35000 miles) and my husband h**es the car.

He wants me to trade this car for a 2012 BMW X5 (127000 miles) because he test drove it and it’s faster than my jeep and apparently it’s safer for me and our baby.

I said NO. NO. NO. 30k miles for 127k miles?!? Not to mention the costs of repairs.

He went ahead and bought the BMW and is waiting for me to sell my car so I can pay him back.

The BMW already has issues. Bluetooth doesn’t work, none of the electronic ports work. He drives the BMW to work. I’ve never even sat on the driver’s seat.

I still have my Jeep. I refuse to cash out my Jeep for a car I didn’t want to buy in the first place.”

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And this reader said that it sounds like this guy really picked a lemon.

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And another individual said they think this marriage is in trouble…uh oh…

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