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AITA for telling my daughter I won’t be coming to her wedding?

“My baby daddy was a narcissistic jerk and was often emotionally abusive to me and made me cry regularly. We had a daughter “Mia” (22F) he left when she was 8 but regularly sent about 1500$ a month to watch her while he traveled the world.

Mia would often cry about him missing her birthday but he would make up buy it by sending her consoles and makeup but it still hurt her that the guy didn’t even bother showing up to her Birthday.

Mia is getting married soon and we were working on the guest list and when we were talking about who was walking her down the aisle she would constantly switch the conversation and me and my husband asked about it and she said she wants her bio dad to walk her down the aisle.

My husband said “Bulls**t I’ve been raising you forever it’s not fair” and mia replied “my real dad bought me a car, he paid for my surgery, and he even sent me money for a dog”. My husband looked heartbroken and went out the house and told me he was going to the bar.

Mia looked at me and said “sorry mom but I want him I know you and him have bad blood but I want him to do it I’ve been sending letters and he’s been sending them back”.

I then said something I regretted I said “if you invite him I’m not giving you my wedding dress or coming”. Mia started tearing up and said fine don’t come and ran out now my family is calling me heartless now I feel alone.”

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