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AITA For Telling My Niece The Family Secret?

“I (35f) had two older sisters growing up “Jane” and “Kim.” Kim got sick and d**d but not before giving birth to my niece “Laura” (18f). It had been a year after Kim’s passing when Jane and Laura’s dad “Tom” (42m) confessed to dating and were now engaged. Everyone was surprised but no one was vocally disgusted as me.

I accused them of cheating. Jane and Tom explained that this wasn’t something that they planned, but there was no cheating and knew that Kim would would want them to be happy.

Convenient since she’s, you know, d**d. I did not attend the wedding and was upset at how everyone else was so accepting of the relationship, but the thing that hurt me the most was how Jane and Tom intended to completely erase Kim from Laura’s life. She was barely 2 when Kim d**d, and they decided it would be better if Laura thought Jane was her mother in every sense of the word after the adoption was finalized.

Tom got rid of any items that would suggest he and Kim were ever in a relationship and made his family swear to never tell Laura the truth. Jane expected everyone on our side of the family to do the same, but I refused and as such I was denied access to Laura. It hurt but when I thought about all those times Kim cried knowing that she wouldn’t live long enough to see Laura grow up there was just no way I could honor the lie.

They even had Laura’s name legally changed to something that Jane liked as Kim picked out Laura’s first name. I distanced myself from my family over time over this but my parents always tried to get us to reconcile, citing that they didn’t like this arrangement either but accepting it was better than not being apart of Laura’s life at all. I just couldn’t do it.

Growing up Laura had known of me but we never really interacted. Apparently, she’s interested in studying a field that I work in and reached out to me through social media. The last time I saw her in person she was 7 and I started to tear up at how much she looked like Kim. We would talk from time to time and eventually Laura asked why I wasn’t around. I tried to keep it vague but Laura knew that there was more to the story as I didn’t seem like the person I was described to be.

If we had been talking through DMs like before I probably wouldn’t have done it but we were video chatting and something about looking directly into her eyes broke me and I confessed to everything. Before Kim d**d she and I made a series of videos for Laura to watch at her big moments and I told her that if she ever wanted to watch any of them I’d send them. Laura asked me to send some and then I heard nothing from her for days.

Recently I got a call from an enraged Jane and Tom berating me for ruining their family. After Laura watched some of the videos she confronted my parents who confirmed everything. Laura has moved out and currently not speaking to anyone and no one knows where she is right now. Everyone is angry at me.


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