Divorce is hard on children.

And those psychological scars run deep and can still affect people long after they’ve grown up.

A woman shared her story on the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit and she wants to know if she went too far about telling her parents how their divorce affected her.

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AITA for telling my parents their divorce was hard on me even if they were still friendly afterward?

“I (24f) am expecting my first child and the event brought up some issues between my parents and me.

When I was 8 my parents divorced. They still got along okay but didn’t want to be together anymore and worked on co-parenting and making things easier for me and my brother who was 10. It was better than some of my friends had it but still hard. I mourned the family life I had enjoyed before.

Having one home where both parents live and where we were just a family. Not two families with different kids in one and a new person who is considered your parent by everyone but you, and where it’s weird because everyone thinks them getting along made it so there was no struggling.

But then people just think you fall madly in love with the nice person your parent marries and readily accept a new person in a position of a parent. They think it makes jumping between homes easier. It does somewhat.

If we forgot something at mom’s or dad’s the other would bring us to pick it up with no drama. But I used to long for the days where I had a home.

When my brother was 17 and coming up on graduation my parents told him all four parents were going to do the graduation dinner for the graduating kid and parents and he told them no, because he only had two parents only mom and dad could go. They said he had four, that the steps were just as good parents and he told them no. The relationship changed after that.

It was only with me becoming a mom they expected me to side with them over what had happened and for me to say everything was perfect with the divorce. I told them it wasn’t. That the divorce was hard on me despite how well they got along.

That I was so happy they were happy and had better lives now but divorce is always going to be something to adjust to for a kid regardless of circumstances and they can’t keep forcing us to say otherwise.

They called me childish and we haven’t spoken since.


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