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AITA for charging my sister full price for the custom baskets + robes, forcing her to possibly have to return her dream wedding dress?

“Basically a couple months ago my (f19) sister (30) was telling my mom she had a really tight budget for her wedding and couldn’t afford the big wedding she had dreamt for.

So I offered to help her find cheaper alternatives to the decorations she wanted. She asked if i could make the bridesmaids custom baskets and robes with their names on it for less than half of what i charge because she couldn’t find someone who could make it for a cheap enough price so i agreed. Eventually she managed to save a lot and was able to get the dress she originally wanted. I figured everything else was fine until last week.

My sister decided she did not want kids at her wedding because she wanted the adults to enjoy themselves and drink. I still thought nothing of the sudden change until she told me i was no longer invited to her wedding. When i asked her why she said because i was to be considered a “kid” since i can’t drink. She said i was still invited to the wedding rehearsal but that’s it.

I told her since i wasn’t invited to the wedding to find someone else to do the custom robes + gift baskets or pay me full price for it. This meant she would have to return her dress because everything else she had for the wedding was already the cheapest she could find. Both my mom and dad says i’m being petty and i should still do it because shes my sister.

Her fiancé has also called me self centered and childish and my brother agreed with him. Am I the a**hole here?”

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