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AITA for kissing my husband at a friend’s event?

“I (F37) and my husband (M42) attended my friend Becky’s (F36) annual barbeque last weekend.

Becky and I have been close friends since college. I met my husband shortly after graduating and while him and Becky have never been very close, such as hanging out without me, they have always been friendly toward one another and we’ve all hung out together on numerous occasions. Becky recently lost her husband due to a medical issue and we’ve all been devastated.

This year Becky texted me the day before her event and told me that she was making this years occasion a child-free one and that meant I couldn’t bring my three year old and that she understood if I couldn’t make it. I bit my tongue in an effort to be respectful and thanked her for letting me know and told her I indeed wouldn’t be able to make it. She responded by saying she was looking forward to seeing my husband at dinner though. I saw no issue with this and sent her a thumbs up.

The next morning was the day of Becky’s event and my MIL luckily agreed to babysit our toddler. We thanked MIL and headed over to Becky’s with food, gifts, and no children in toe.

As we walked in Becky greeted my husband with a hug and an excited hellooooooo and then me with a sort of surprised look on her face. She didn’t say much to me and went into her living room with everybody else. I went to put down the food on the counter while she introduced everybody to my husband and referred to him as “dear” (my husband told me this later on in the evening). I walked into the room and she gave me no mind since she was deep in a conversation with a friend of hers.

Some time into the party, Becky and my husband were both standing at the patio door and she had her arm around his waist. He spotted and looked at me with a “help me” glare so I made my way over thinking she had one too many. I gave him a kiss as he separated from her grasp.

Becky looked at the both of us and then back at the others at the party with a shocked expression and then ran back into the house crying. She ran into the bedroom and locked the room and screamed at me to leave through the door. I tried asking her what had upset her and why she wanted us to leave numerous times. She refused to answer me and just kept crying. So, we left and on the way out received some pretty dirty looks from the other party-goers.

Later, I received texts from several mutual friends who scolded me for PDA and how Becky was so upset that I had made her party look “tacky” and that I was rubbing it in her face that she was a widow.

I was so shocked and hurt to hear this and mentioned that every other couple at the event was also being relatively affectionate and that despite my husband and I not being ones to commit PDA in public, I had given him a side hug and a peck kiss, and that was all. Anyways, I am at a loss at what I should do. I feel like I hurt a close friend but I’m not sure how and what I can do to fix it.

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