I don’t know if you’ve had this experience, but I have before and it was pretty awful.

Here’s what I’m talking about: You have a roommate who starts dating someone and that new significant other is over ALL THE TIME and has pretty much moved into your place…and of course they don’t pay rent or help out with anything.

Ugh! I’m having some bad flashbacks…

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AITA for telling my boyfriend’s roommate to get over himself after he told me to stop having sleepovers at the apartment?

“So, I’ve been with my boyfriend (bf) for 4 months. He rents with a guy (roommate) “Justin” who is a bit of a self rightous jerk sometimes.

The problem started when I started having sleepovers with my bf in the apartment. Justin looked super annoyed whenever he saw me over which is 5 days a week. He’d just keep huffing and puffing and speak to me rudely.

I said nothing til yesterday when he got back and found me and started a fight with me telling me to stop having sleepovers. I asked wtf was his problem and he looked at me with and with a straight face said “IF YOU’RE GONNA COME OVER HERE AND USE WATER, ELECTRICITY AND WHATNOT 5 DAYS A WEEK THEN YOU MIGHT AS WELL START PAYING RENT!”.

I responded telling him that my bf pays rent and I use what he uses then called him rude and told him to get over himself. He told me he’ll get the landlord involved and my bf asked me to leave so he could figure it out with the guy. I grabbed my stuff and left feeling awful.

My bf later called saying I was rude in what I said and his roommate has a point especailly since I’m using everything in the apartment from microwave, shower, charger and so his roommate felt it was unfair and my bf asked me to tune down my visits for now. We had an argument after I said he sided with his roommate over me to keep the peace and ended the call.

We haven’t talked since then. AITA? Did I go too far?”

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I think I agree…

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Another individual said that the roommate needs to bring this up with the boyfriend and that it sounds like everyone sucks in this situation.

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Finally, this reader said that the boyfriend seems like an a**hole too for letting this situation happen.

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