I’ve never written a review for a business but I definitely like to read them if I’m going somewhere for the first time.

And we all know those reviews sway our opinions about whether we’re going to spend our hard-earned cash at certain places.

Take a look at the story below and see if you think this woman acted like an a**hole for leaving a bad review for a small store.

AITA for leaving a bad review on a small store?

“So my boyfriend and I have a tradition for our anniversary that we each go to a store and separate, and after we buy each other gifts we exchange in the car. It’s silly and cute.

We walked into this new mom & pop anime store (I am a huge anime nerd and my boyfriend likes video games which they also sell)

We separate and I go look at stuff for my boyfriend. A worker walks up to me and starts chatting, then points at my leg. I have a pretty big tattoo of Kakashi from Naruto on my thigh, among other anime tattoos.

He asks if I got that for my boyfriend and I said no, I’ve always loved Naruto and then showed him my other tattoos which included the leaf village symbol, Gaara of the sands gourd, and a piece on my arm of Asuma Sarutobi.

He started quizzing me on the lore of the anime and I told him I wouldn’t have spent $1000 on tattoos of an anime I didn’t know about, and I didn’t appreciate him trying to catch me in a “Gotcha” moment.

He told me he didn’t believe a girl could ever fully understand the real story of Naruto and the depth behind it (lol)

I told him I didn’t need his services and he can go back to the front desk. He told me I was a “rude wannabe b**ch” and walked into the back and I continued purchasing my items.

I left a review later, TLDR: if you’re feminine presenting enter with caution, one of the employees will call you a b**ch when you don’t want to prove your “nerd cred” to him.

The owner left a comment on my review asking for an email conversation and asked that I take down my review because people have started complaining about this employee as well and his sale revenue has dropped.

I told him I wouldn’t and maybe he shouldn’t hire misogynists if he doesn’t want bad reviews. My friends tell me I’m over reacting.


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One person said she’s NTA and that Naruto isn’t very hard to understand.

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And this Reddit user also said she’s NTA and that the store owners might not have known what kind of employee they hired.

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Another individual said it’s okay for businesses to make mistakes but it’s how they handle it that makes all the difference.

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